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Auf diesem Teil meiner Site habe ich Tracklisten und weiter Informationen von teilweise recht seltenen und zum Teil skurrilen Bootlegs aus meiner CD-Sammlung zusammengetragen. Ich bin immer noch auf der Suche nach weiteren Stücken und lande ab und an in der Bucht oder auf Flohmärkten 'mal wieder einen Treffer, so dass hier immer ein kontinuierliches Wachstum gegeben sein sollte.

Here we go ...

Bootlegs von Captain Beefheart 2019-06-15
1991Rare Beefheart Vintage Zappa
1993Captain Hook
1994Don's Birthday Party
If You Got Ears
Live At The Rader Station
1995Puller Man
1998An Evening With Frank Zappa And Captain Beefheart
2000I Do What I Wanna Do: Live At My Father's Place
2002Magnetic Hands - Live In The UK 72-80
Mersey Trout - Live In Liverpool 1980
2003Railroadism - Live In The USA 71-81
2006 Amsterdam '80
The Captain's Last Live Concert
2007Live At Bickershaw Festival 1972
2008CB & MB In GB
2009Magneticism: The Best Of Captain Beefheart & His Magic Bands Live 72-71
2011An Ashtray Heart
Translucent Fresnel 72/73 - The Nan True's Hole Tapes Volume 1
The Nan True's Hole Tapes Volume 2
2012The Nan True's Hole Tapes Volume 3
2014Full Moon In Cowtown
Live 1966-67
Somewhere Over Detroit, 1980
Somewhere Over Paris, 1977
Somewhere Over Vancouver, 1973
2016Easy Teeth
Live At Knebworth Park, Saturday 5th July, 1975
Somewhere Over California, 1981
2017Just Got Back From The City
My Father's Place, Roslyn, '78
2019Magneticism II: The Best Of Captain Beefheart & His Magic Bands Live In The USA 1966-81
Bootlegs von Grateful Dead 2023-02-02
1986Garcia's Gang
1988For Dead Heads Only
Live - Over 20 Years Old: Live At Shrine Auditorium
1989Little Red Rooster
The Psychedelic Bus
1991Live In Oakland
1993Grateful Live
1994Left In The Vaults Vol. 1
Left In The Vaults Vol. 2
The Unsurpassed Dead Demos
1995Left In The Vaults Vol. 3
Left In The Vaults Vol. 4
Left In The Vaults Vol. 5
We Bid You Goodnight
2006Not Fade Away
2014Live From Saratoga, June 1988
WCUW Worcester, Massachusetts, April, 8th 1988
2017'71 Dead
Live At The Fox Theatre, Decemeber 1971
Bootlegs von Frank Zappa 2023-06-29
1975Waterbury, CT, 29.10.75
1977Zoot Allures Live In Paris
1985Time Sandwich
1988Oldies But Goldies / Live - Over 20 Years Old
1989Pigs And Repugnance
Trick Or Treat
1990American Pageant (Nullis Pretii)
Beat The Boots
For Sharleena
The Eyes Of Osaka
1991All You Need Is Glove
Boot The Beats
Cucamonga Years 1962-1964
Rare Beefheart Vintage Zappa
Stony Brook, State University, Nov 03, 1984
The Godfather In Full Metal Jacket
Welcome To The Mudd Club
You Are Phoenix What You Is
1992Beat The Boots 2
Fits Your 34B, No Matter Which 43B You Are
1993Kreega Bondola
Live USA
The Greatest Flops!!!
1994Hollywood '84
Paralipomeni Della Batracomiomachia
Punky's Whips On Stage
Stream Flash Conservative
What's Why
1998An Evening With Frank Zappa And Captain Beefheart
1999Pachuco Hop
2000Bongo Fury In El Paso
2001Bubble Cream Cheese
Our Man In Italy
The Mothers Down Under
The Sheik's Rehearsels
Zappa In New York '81
Zappa In Poughkeepsie
2002Boston Tea Party
Mother Universe
Moustache Over Madison
Wanna Buy Some Acid?
2003Chalk Pie
Kong Kings
Sweet Georgia
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 11
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 12
2004An Evening In Detroit
Crush All Boxes
El Paso Or Die
KC Blues
Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
Mr. Gene's Greens - Detroit '68
Ontario Slime
Two Faces Of Zappa
Uncle Penguin's Brain
2005Ave Maria!
Halloween New York 1978
In Basle And Elsewhere
2006Arlington, Texas 3/11/73 (Perhaps The Most Outrageous Bunch So Far)
Fillmore West 70
First Tango In Paris
Some Time In Fillmore East
Zoott Allurely!
2007Mothers Including Beef
Saint Mothers In Saint Paul
2008Delicious Watermelon For Easter
Dupree's Paradise 1973
2009The Farewell Concerts
2010Genius At Work
I Wanna Have A Little Tush
King Kong Boogie
Live At Leroy Theater
Muffin Man Goes To College
Sheik On Stage
Viva Zappa
2011Come On Punky! Get Funky!
Je Suis Une Legend ~ I Am A Legend
The Time To Sing And Dance And Love
Two Cosmik Nights @ San Carlos
2012Hitherto Unknown
I Am The Clouds
Swiss Cheese In Basel
2014A Bunch Of New Songs
Puttin' On The Ritz
Wollman Rink, Central Park, NY, August, 3rd 1968
2015Bebop Tango Contest Live!
Complete Halloween 1981
Frank's Day Off
Is Anybody Happy?
Knebworth '78
Masked Turnip Cyclophony
Mudshark Live
Muffin Research Kitchen
2016Complete Halloween Shows 1974
Little House I Used To Live In
Son Of Orange County - Radio Broadcast 1974
Vancouver Workout - UBC Gym, Vancouver, BC, 1st October 1975
2017Complete Boston Masters 1975
Mother's Enema Bandits
Munich 1980 - The Classic German Broadcast
2018Berlin 1978 - The Classic German Broadcast

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