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Frank Zappa Bootlegs

A Bunch Of New Songs

01/01Dupree's Paradise00:20:40Zappa
01/02Cosmik Debris00:09:21Zappa
01/03The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue00:01:03Zappa
01/04Kung Fu00:01:00Zappa
01/05Penguin In Bondage00:04:07Zappa
01/06Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:05:55Zappa
01/08Village Of The Sun00:04:36Zappa
01/09Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:04:24Zappa
01/10Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:11:53Zappa
02/02Brown Shoes Don't Make It00:07:24Zappa
02/03The Hook00:02:39Zappa
02/04Willie The Pimp00:02:43Zappa
02/05Son Of Mr. Green Genes00:02:32Zappa
02/06King Kong00:08:07Zappa
02/07Chunga's Revenge00:06:31Zappa
02/08Son Of Mr. Green Genes00:02:33Zappa
03/02The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue00:01:02Zappa
03/03Kung Fu00:01:01Zappa
03/04Penguin In Bondage00:03:57Zappa
03/05Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:07:27Zappa
03/07Preamble To A Bunch Of New Songs00:01:18Zappa
03/08Village Of The Sun00:04:58Zappa
03/09Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:04:19Zappa
03/10Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:09:47Zappa
03/11Cosmik Debris00:12:36Zappa
04/01Preamble To Dupree's Paradise00:01:27Zappa
04/02Keyboard Introduction By George Duke00:07:20Duke
04/03Dupree's Paradise00:23:04Zappa
04/04The Hook00:01:09Zappa
04/05Son Of Mr. Green Genes00:04:30Zappa
04/06King Kong00:06:18Zappa
04/07Chunga's Revenge00:05:09Zappa
04/08Son Of Mr. Green Genes00:03:15Zappa

All You Need Is Glove

01/01In France00:03:29Zappa
01/02Truck Driver Divorce00:05:15Zappa
01/03Cocaine Decisions00:02:36Zappa
01/05Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:06:19Zappa
01/06Advance Romance00:07:03Zappa
01/07Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up00:02:58Zappa/Simmons
01/08Teenage Wind00:02:52Zappa
01/09He's So Gay00:02:24Zappa
01/10Keep It Greasey00:03:15Zappa
01/11Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:03:46Zappa
01/12Oh No / Son Of Orange County00:02:22Zappa
01/13Trouble Every Day00:03:57Zappa
01/14Penguin In Bondage00:04:47Zappa

American Pageant (Nullis Pretii)

01/01Absolutely Free00:03:27Zappa
01/02Hungry Freaks, Daddy00:03:28Zappa
01/03It Can't Happen Here00:03:54Zappa
01/04The Duke Of Prunes00:05:06Zappa
01/05Call Any Vegetable00:04:21Zappa
01/06The Idiot Bastard Son00:02:24Zappa
01/07Mother People00:01:44Zappa
01/08Who Are The Brain Police?00:03:22Zappa
01/09You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here00:03:37Zappa
01/10Plastic People00:03:40Zappa
01/11Brown Shoes Don't Make It00:07:26Zappa
01/12America Drinks & Goes Home00:02:43Zappa

An Evening In Detroit

01/03A Kiss Concert?00:01:43Kaylan/Volman
01/04It Ain't Me Babe00:02:22Dylan
01/05World's Best Possible Me00:04:12Kaylan/Volman
01/06Kama Sutra Time00:02:47Kaylan/Volman
01/07Eddie, Are You Kidding? / Jumbo Jack / The Fleetwood Mac / Whole Lotta Crux / FDS00:07:21Zappa/Kaylan/Seiler/Volman
01/09Band Introduction00:00:23Kaylan/Volman
01/10Wings Over Detroit00:01:07Kaylan/Volman
01/11Bernie & The Jets00:01:10Kaylan/Volman
01/12There's No Business Like Show Business00:00:26Berlin
01/13Miles Vs. Santana00:00:20Kaylan/Volman
01/14Peter The Hose00:01:08Kaylan/Volman
01/15Pop Star Sucker00:03:27Kaylan/Volman
01/16Keep It Warm00:04:24Kaylan/Volman
01/17Moving Targets00:03:54Kaylan/Volman
01/18Do You Like MY New Car?00:01:52Zappa
01/19Happy Together00:03:01Bonner/Gordon
01/20The Complete Score To Tommy00:02:40Kaylan/Volman
02/03The Poodle Lecture00:04:11Zappa
02/04Dirty Love00:03:28Zappa
02/05Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station00:02:21Zappa
02/06Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:04:20Zappa
02/07The Torture Never Stops00:12:45Zappa
02/08City Of Tiny Lites00:07:56Zappa
02/09A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:11:09Zappa
03/01Titties 'n' Beer00:07:06Zappa
03/02Black Napkins00:19:04Zappa
03/03Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink00:02:09Zappa
03/04Would You Go All The Way?00:02:02Zappa
03/05Daddy, Daddy, Daddy00:02:07Zappa
03/06What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?00:04:02Zappa
03/07Dinah-Moe Humm00:07:12Johnson/Smith
03/08Stranded In The Jungle00:02:18Zappa
03/09Camarillo Brillo00:03:39Zappa
03/10Muffin Man00:04:21Zappa

An Evening With Frank Zappa And Captain Beefheart

01/02Orange Claw Hammer00:04:25Van Vliet
01/03Debra Kadabra / Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:09:32Zappa
01/04Will You Drink My Water?00:01:05Smegmates
01/05Pachuco Cadaver00:04:26Van Vliet
01/06I Was A Teenage Maltshop00:01:27Zappa
01/07Status Back Baby00:01:11Zappa
01/08Ned The Mumbler00:02:43Zappa
01/09Toads Of The Short Forest00:01:59Zappa
01/11Speed-Freak Boogie00:05:32Zappa
01/12Metal Man Has Won His Wings00:03:50Van Vliet/Zappa
01/14Louisiana Blues00:01:11Morganfield
01/15Party Scene From Mondo Hollywood00:01:51Zappa
01/16Studio Rehearsal00:01:42Zappa
01/17How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:01:53Zappa
01/18Boogie For Berkeley00:00:51Zappa
01/19Neon Meat Dream Of A Octafish00:02:29Van Vliet
01/20Muffin Man00:06:03Zappa
01/21200 Years Old00:08:10Zappa

Arlington, Texas 3/11/73 (Perhaps The Most Outrageous Bunch So Far)

01/03Excercise #400:01:00Zappa
01/04The Dog Breath Veriations00:01:27Zappa
01/05Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:06:02Zappa
01/07Hand Signal Lessons00:06:11Zappa
01/08Improvisations With Hand Signals00:10:10Zappa
01/09Inca Roads00:08:56Zappa
01/11Make Something Up00:15:36Zappa
02/01Intro To The Big Medley00:01:12Zappa
02/02Mr. Green Genes00:03:03Zappa
02/03King Kong00:10:53Zappa
02/04Chunga's Revenge00:07:53Zappa
02/05Farther O'Blivion00:02:28Zappa
02/06Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:07:43Zappa
02/07St. Alfonso's Pancake Breakfast00:04:43Zappa
02/09Penguin In Bondage00:05:17Zappa
02/10T'Mershi Duween00:01:55Zappa
02/11Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:04:27Zappa
02/13Inca Roads00:03:45Zappa
02/15I'm The Slime00:03:01Zappa
02/16Eat That Question00:03:07Zappa

Ave Maria!

01/02Dancin' Fool00:03:33Zappa
01/03Peaches En Regalia00:02:27Zappa
01/04The Torture Never Stops00:14:03Zappa
01/05Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:29Zappa
01/06City Of Tiny Lites00:07:17Zappa
01/07Baby Snakes00:01:49Zappa
01/08A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:05:47Zappa
01/09I Have Been In You00:09:43Zappa
01/11Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:03:43Zappa
01/12King Kong00:08:58Zappa
01/13Wild Love00:06:02Zappa
02/01Yo' Mama00:10:41Zappa
02/02Titties 'n' Beer00:04:19Zappa
02/03Black Page #200:03:51Zappa
02/04Jones Crusher00:02:46Zappa
02/05Little House I Use To Live In00:14:58Zappa
02/06Dong Work For Yuda00:02:50Zappa/Smothers
02/07Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:57Zappa
02/09Drum Solo00:04:01Bozzio
02/10Disco Boy00:06:39Zappa
02/11Dinah-Moe Humm00:06:29Zappa
02/12Camarillo Brillo00:03:14Zappa
02/13Muffin Man00:03:53Zappa

Beat The Boots

Beat The Boots - Anyway The Wind Blows

01/01Watermelon In Easter Hay00:04:27Zappa
01/02Dead Girls Of London00:02:38Zappa/Shankar
01/03I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:11Zappa
01/04Brown Shoes Don't Make It00:07:29Zappa
01/05Cosmik Debris00:04:11Zappa
01/06Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:34Zappa
01/07City Of Tiny Lites00:09:25Zappa
01/08Dancin' Fool00:03:31Zappa
01/09Easy Meat00:06:40Zappa
02/01Jumbo Go Away00:03:44Zappa
02/03Inca Roads00:05:42Zappa
02/04Florentine Pogen00:05:26Zappa
02/05Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:33Zappa
02/06Keep It Greasey00:03:31Zappa
02/07The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:24Zappa
02/08For The Young Sophisticate00:02:38Zappa
02/09Wet T-Shirt Night00:02:29Zappa
02/10Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:38Zappa
02/11Peaches En Regalia00:03:40Zappa

Beat The Boots - As An Am

01/01That Makes Me Mad00:00:51Zappa
01/02Young & Monde00:11:24Zappa
01/04Black Napkins00:03:58Zappa
01/05The Black Page #200:07:12Zappa
01/06The Torture Never Stops00:11:03Zappa

Beat The Boots - Freaks & Motherfu*#@%!

01/01Happy Together00:01:25Bonner/Gordon
01/02Wino Man00:07:44Zappa/Simmons
01/03Concentration Moon00:01:18Zappa
01/04Paladin Routine00:01:14Zappa
01/05Call Any Vegetable00:08:56Zappa
01/06Little House I Used To Live In00:04:26Zappa
01/07The Mud Shark Variations00:01:10Zappa
01/08Holiday In Berlin00:03:33Zappa
01/09Sleeping In A Jar00:07:23Zappa
01/10Cruisin' For Burgers00:02:52Zappa

Beat The Boots - Piquantique - Stockholm 1973

01/01Kung Fu00:02:12Zappa
01/03Dupree's Paradise00:11:25Zappa
01/04T'Mershi Duween00:01:55Zappa
01/05Farther O'Blivion00:20:41Zappa

Beat The Boots - Saarbrucken 1978

01/01Dancin' Fool00:03:42Zappa
01/02Easy Meat00:05:05Zappa
01/03Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:15Zappa
01/04Keep It Greasey00:03:31Zappa
01/05Village Of The Sun00:06:20Zappa
01/06The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:45Zappa
01/07City Of Tiny Lites00:06:43Zappa
01/08A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:06:36Zappa
01/09Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:56Zappa
01/12Magic Fingers00:02:30Zappa
01/13Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:03:52Zappa
01/14Nanook Rubs It00:01:47Zappa
01/15St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast00:06:42Zappa
01/16Bamboozled By Love00:06:45Zappa

Beat The Boots - The Ark

01/01Big Leg Emma00:04:33Zappa
01/02Some Ballet Music00:07:14Zappa
01/03Status Back Baby00:05:55Zappa
01/05My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama00:06:50Zappa
01/06Uncle Meat / King Kong00:23:27Zappa

Beat The Boots - 'Tis The Season To Be Jelly

01/01You Didn't Try To Call Me00:03:09Zappa
01/02Bristol Stomp00:00:48Zappa
01/03Baby Love00:00:50Dozier/Holland/Holland
01/04Big Leg Emma00:02:04Zappa
01/05No Matter What You Do00:02:57Zappa
01/06Blue Suede Shoes00:00:37Perkins
01/07Hound Dog00:00:16Leiber/Stoller
01/09King Kong00:17:32Zappa
01/10It Can't Happen Here00:06:05Zappa

Beat The Boots - Unmitigated Audacity

01/01Dupree's Paradise00:00:53Zappa
01/02It Can't Happen Here00:02:20Zappa
01/03Hungry Freaks, Daddy00:02:46Zappa
01/04You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here00:02:41Zappa
01/05How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:03:47Zappa
01/06I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:20Zappa
01/07I'm Not Satisfied00:02:19Zappa
01/08Wowie Zowie00:03:19Zappa
01/09Let's Make The Water Turn Black00:02:24Zappa
01/10Harry, You're A Beast00:00:53Zappa
01/11Oh No00:08:15Zappa
01/12Trouble Every Day00:07:54Zappa
01/13Louie Louie00:01:56Berry
01/14Camarillo Brillo00:05:07Zappa

Beat The Boots 2

Beat The Boots 2 - At The Circus

01/01A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:02:15Zappa
01/02Baby Snakes00:02:05Zappa
01/03Dancin' Fool00:03:15Zappa
01/04Easy Meat00:04:39Zappa
01/05Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:32Zappa
01/06Mother People00:02:40Zappa
01/07Wonderful Wino00:05:41Zappa/Simmons
01/08Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:21Zappa
01/09Seal Call Fusion Music00:03:12Zappa
01/10Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:53Zappa
01/11I'm On Duty00:01:52Zappa

Beat The Boots 2 - Conceptual Continuity

01/01Stink-Foot / Dirty Love / Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station00:17:58Zappa
01/02The Torture Never Stops / City Of Tiny Lites00:21:09Zappa

Beat The Boots 2 - Disconnected Synapses

01/01Penis Dimension00:11:15Zappa
01/02The Air00:03:54Zappa
01/03Dog Breath / Mother People00:04:22Zappa
01/04You Didn't Try To Call Me00:03:34Zappa
01/05King Kong00:31:38Zappa
01/06Who Are The Brain Police?00:06:30Zappa

Beat The Boots 2 - Electric Aunt Jemima

01/01Little House I Used To Live In / The Dog Breath Variations / Blue Danube Waltz / Hungry Freaks, Daddy00:14:30Zappa
01/03Dog Breath00:02:10Zappa
01/04King Kong00:16:30Zappa
01/05Trouble Every Day00:05:59Zappa
01/06A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:08:36Zappa
01/07English Tea Dancing Interludes / Plastic People / King Kong / America Drinks & Goes Home / Wipe Out00:12:00Zappa

Beat The Boots 2 - Our Man In Nirvana

01/01Feet Light Up00:01:16Zappa
01/02Bacon Fat00:04:58Brown/Williams
01/03A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:08:26Zappa
01/04Sleeping In A Jar00:17:16Zappa
01/05The Wild Man Fischer Story00:03:28Fischer
01/06I'm The Meany00:02:02Fischer
01/08King Kong00:30:59Zappa

Beat The Boots 2 - Swiss Cheese / Fire!

01/02Peaches En Regalia00:03:27Zappa
01/03Tears Began To Fall / She Painted Up Her Face / Half-A-Dozen Provocative Squats00:05:59Zappa
01/04Call Any Vegetable00:09:55Zappa
01/05Anyway The Wind Blows00:03:44Zappa
02/01Magdalena / Dog Breath00:09:49Zappa/Kaylan
02/02Sofa #100:18:06Zappa
02/03A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:07:07Zappa
02/04Wonderful Wino / Sharleena / Cruisin' For Burgers00:12:37Zappa/Simmons
02/05King Kong00:01:24Zappa

Beat The Boots 2 - Tengo La Minchia Tanta

01/01Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You?00:00:49Zappa
01/02A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:07:27Zappa
01/03Sleeping In A Jar00:04:35Zappa
01/05The Sanzini Brothers00:00:33Zappa
01/06What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening?00:04:36Zappa
01/07What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?00:05:01Zappa
01/08Bwana Dik00:01:46Zappa
01/09Latex Solar Beef00:01:00Zappa
01/10Daddy, Daddy, Daddy00:02:47Zappa
01/11Little House I Used To Live In00:04:05Zappa
01/12Holiday In Berlin00:04:36Zappa
01/13Inca Roads / Easy Meat00:07:17Zappa
01/14Cruisin' For Burgers00:02:46Zappa

Bebop Tango Contest Live!

01/01Announcer's Introduction00:00:22Unknown
01/02Zappa's Introduction Aka Tango Chat00:00:50Zappa
01/03Pygmy Twylyte / Dummy Up00:07:24Zappa
01/04Be-Bop Tango Excerpt00:02:22Zappa
01/05The Story Of Dupree'S Paradise00:07:50Zappa
01/06Yellow Snow Suite00:14:44Zappa
01/07Guitar Event00:05:56Zappa
01/08Bebop Tango Contest00:13:08Zappa
01/09Announcer's Closing Remarks00:00:22Unknown

Berlin 1978 - The Classic German Broadcast

01/02Dancin' Fool00:03:38Zappa
01/03Peaches En Regalia00:02:31Zappa
01/04The Torture Never Stops00:14:24Zappa
01/05Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:34Zappa
01/06City Of Tiny Lites00:07:28Zappa
01/07Baby Snakes00:04:51Zappa
01/08A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:05:56Zappa
01/09I Have Been In You00:09:58Zappa
01/11Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:03:48Zappa
01/12King Kong00:09:11Zappa
01/13Wild Love00:06:23Zappa
02/01Yo' Mama00:11:09Zappa
02/02Titties 'n' Beer00:04:26Zappa
02/03The Black Page #200:03:57Zappa
02/04Jones Crusher00:02:50Zappa
02/05Little House I Used To Live In00:15:21Zappa
02/06Dong Work For Yuda00:02:54Zappa/Smothers
02/07Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:02Zappa
02/09Drum Solo00:04:07Bozzio
02/10Disco Boy00:06:49Zappa
02/11Dinah-Moe Hum00:06:39Zappa
02/12Camarillo Brillo00:03:19Zappa
02/13Muffin Man00:03:54Zappa

Bongo Fury In El Paso

01/02Bungo Fury Initial00:04:34Zappa
01/03Apostrophe (')00:03:38Zappa/Bruce/Gordon
01/04Band Introduction00:00:32Zappa
01/06I'm Not Satisfied00:02:06Zappa
01/07Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:09:10Zappa
01/08Velvet Sunrise00:05:23Zappa
01/09A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:14:51Zappa
01/10Frank Introduces El Paso Son Jimmy Carl Black00:00:25Zappa
01/11You're So Fine00:01:26Finney/Schofield
01/12Lonely, Lonely Nights00:02:55King/Vincent
01/13Debra Kadabra00:04:18Zappa
01/15Strange Things00:08:36Zappa
02/01AdVance Romance00:12:38Zappa
02/02Florentine Pogen00:08:53Zappa
02/03200 Years Old00:08:06Zappa
02/04Orange Claw Hammer ('75 Radio)00:04:19Van Vliet
02/06Camarillo Brillo00:05:26Zappa
02/07Muffin Man00:03:25Zappa
02/08Let's Make The Water Turn Black00:03:52Zappa
02/09Willie The Pimp00:09:15Zappa
02/11Pygmy Twylyte00:00:26Zappa
02/12Dummy Up00:04:05Zappa/Brock/Simmons
02/13The Singing Lesson00:04:59Zappa
02/14Dupree's Paradise00:07:41Zappa

Boot The Beats

01/01Chunga's Revenge00:04:15Zappa
01/02Keep It Greasey00:03:02Zappa
01/03Outside Now00:06:45Zappa
01/04City Of Tiny Lites00:06:51Zappa
01/05Bamboozled By Love00:01:53Zappa
01/06You Are What You Is00:03:23Zappa
01/07Easy Meat00:08:20Zappa
01/08Joe's Garage00:02:23Zappa
01/09Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:14Zappa
01/10Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:31Zappa
01/11Ms. Pinky00:05:52Zappa
01/12I Don't Wanna Get Drafted00:02:36Zappa
01/13The Illinois Enema Bandit00:03:52Zappa
01/14Dancin' Fool00:03:07Zappa

Boston Tea Party

01/01The Purple Lagoon00:05:25Zappa
01/03The Poodle Lecture00:04:07Zappa
01/04Dirty Love00:03:57Zappa
01/05Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station00:02:30Zappa
01/06Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:04:13Zappa
01/07The Torture Never Stops00:12:15Zappa
01/08City Of Tiny Lites00:08:13Zappa
01/09You Didn't Try To Call Me00:07:41Zappa
01/10Yo' Mama00:01:50Zappa
01/11Titties 'n' Beer00:06:16Zappa
02/01Black Napkins00:18:02Zappa
02/02AdVance Romance00:13:03Zappa
02/03Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:15Zappa
02/04Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink00:02:20Zappa
02/05Dinah-Moe Humm00:06:47Zappa
02/06The Purple Lagoon00:00:37Zappa
02/07Camarillo Brillo00:04:22Zappa
02/08Muffin Man00:06:32Zappa

Bubble Cream Cheese

01/03Village Of The Sun00:04:39Zappa
01/04Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:03:22Zappa
01/05Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:07:00Zappa
01/06Penguin In Bondage00:09:01Zappa
01/07T'Mershi Duween00:01:59Zappa
01/08Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:05:23Zappa
01/09Building A Girl00:03:55Zappa
01/10Dinah-Moe Humm00:08:24Zappa
01/11Camarillo Brillo00:03:29Zappa
01/12Oh No / Son Of Orange County00:08:42Zappa
02/01Trouble Every Day / Any Downers?00:15:29Zappa
02/05Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:03:26Zappa
02/06Nanook Rubs It00:03:07Zappa
02/07St. Alfonso's Pancake Breakfast00:03:33Zappa
02/08Farther O'Blivion00:02:14Zappa
02/09Pygmy Twylyte00:12:08Zappa
02/10Room Service00:07:26Zappa
02/11Tush Tush Tush00:00:53Zappa

Chalk Pie

01/01Drowning Witch00:12:20Zappa
01/03Teenage Prostitute00:02:43Zappa
01/04The Dangerous Kitchen00:02:58Zappa
01/05Chalk Pie00:04:56Zappa
01/06We're Turning Again00:04:59Zappa
01/07Alien Orifice00:04:24Zappa
01/08The Jazz Discharge Party Hats00:04:32Zappa
01/09The Torture Never Stops - Guitar Solo00:02:16Zappa
01/10What's New In Baltimore?00:07:42Zappa
01/12The Black Page #2 - Guitar Solo00:08:21Zappa
01/13Clownz On Velvet00:05:09DiMeola
01/14Frogs With Dirty Little Lips00:03:41Zappa/Zappa

Come On Punky! Get Funky!

01/02Peaches En Regalia00:01:44Zappa
01/03The Torture Never Stops00:02:44Zappa
01/04Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:17:55Zappa
01/05City Of Tiny Lites00:08:38Zappa
01/06A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:06:42Zappa
01/07Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:44Zappa
01/10Big Leg Emma00:01:47Zappa
02/01Disco Boy00:03:59Zappa
02/02I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth00:03:40Zappa
02/03Wild Love00:21:55Zappa
02/04Titties 'n' Beer00:05:57Zappa
02/05The Black Page #200:03:03Zappa
02/06Jones Crusher00:02:56Zappa
02/07Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:03:56Zappa
02/08Punky's Whips00:10:35Zappa
02/09Camarillo Brillo00:03:35Zappa
02/10Muffin Man00:05:44Zappa

Complete Boston Masters 1975

01/02A Token Of My Extreme00:04:42Zappa
01/04I'm Not Satisfied00:02:04Zappa
01/05Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:11:21Zappa
01/06Velvet Sunrise00:04:03Zappa
01/07A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:14:35Zappa
01/08Sleeping In A Jar00:02:26Zappa
01/09Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead00:02:36Zappa
01/10Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:00:33Zappa
01/11Improvisations (Incl. Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top)00:09:17Zappa
01/12Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:07:43Zappa
02/01Advance Romance00:11:42Zappa
02/02Willie The Pimp00:06:44Zappa
02/04Camarillo Brillo00:04:30Zappa
02/05Muffin Man00:03:25Zappa
02/06Let's Make The Water Turn Black00:04:03Zappa
02/07Penguin In Bondage00:10:55Zappa
02/08Captain Beefheart Improvisations00:02:31Zappa
02/09Debra Kadabra00:04:57Zappa
02/10Band Introductions00:01:06Zappa
02/11Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead00:02:49Zappa
02/12Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:00:38Zappa
02/13George Duke Improvisations00:05:11Zappa
03/01The Torture Never Stops00:13:49Zappa
03/02Marty's Dance Song00:07:32Zappa
03/04Florentine Pogen00:08:01Zappa
03/05Willie The Pimp00:09:46Zappa

Complete Halloween 1981

01/02Chunga's Revenge00:04:16Zappa
01/03Band Introduction00:03:17Zappa
01/04You Are What You Is00:04:59Zappa
01/05Mudd Club00:02:53Zappa
01/06The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:13Zappa
01/07Dumb All Over00:05:43Zappa
01/08Heavenly Bank Account00:04:06Zappa
01/09Suicide Chump00:05:43Zappa
01/10Jumbo Go Away00:03:52Zappa
01/12Drowning Witch00:08:45Zappa
01/13What's New In Baltimore?00:03:47Zappa
01/15We're Turning Again00:05:03Zappa
01/16Alien Orifice00:05:14Zappa
01/17Teenage Prostitute00:02:30Zappa
01/19Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:04:10Zappa
02/01Tinseltown Rebellion00:04:56Zappa
02/02Yo' Mama00:10:31Zappa
02/03Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:43Zappa
02/04City Of Tiny Lites00:12:28Zappa
02/05Strictly Genteel00:08:00Zappa
02/06Dancin' Fool00:03:44Zappa
02/07Whippin' Post00:06:41Allman
03/01Black Napkins00:05:34Zappa
03/02Halloween Introduction00:02:02Zappa
03/04Easy Meat00:06:50Zappa
03/05Society Pages00:02:32Zappa
03/06I'm A Beautiful Guy00:01:55Zappa
03/07Beauty Knows No Pain00:02:56Zappa
03/08Charlie's Enormous Mouth00:03:39Zappa
03/09Fine Girl00:03:13Zappa
03/10Teenage Wind00:03:01Zappa
03/11Harder Than Your Husband00:02:35Zappa
03/12Bamboozled By Love00:05:32Zappa
03/13Sinister Footwear00:06:54Zappa
03/14Stevie's Spanking00:05:54Zappa
03/15Halloween Simulcast Commercial Break00:02:12Zappa
03/16Cocaine Decisions00:03:35Zappa
03/17Nig Biz 1800:05:13Zappa
03/19Goblin Girl00:01:49Zappa
03/20The Black Page #200:07:05Zappa
04/01Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:02:31Zappa
04/02Strictly Genteel00:06:52Zappa
04/03Halloween Pumpkin Audience00:01:21Zappa
04/04The Torture Never Stops00:10:36Zappa
04/05Halloween Audience Off The Air00:01:43Zappa
04/06Joe's Garage00:02:42Zappa
04/07Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:26Zappa
04/08The Illinois Enema Bandit00:09:48Zappa
04/09Halloween Reality Therapy Program00:02:02Zappa
04/10King Kong00:11:07Zappa
04/11Auld Lang Syne00:03:00Traditional

Complete Halloween Shows 1974

01/01Tush Tush Tush00:03:21Zappa
01/03Inca Roads00:13:38Zappa
01/04Penguin In Bondage00:07:52Zappa
01/05T'Mershi Duween00:02:51Zappa
01/06Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:04:05Zappa
01/07Building A Girl00:04:20Zappa
01/08Florentine Pogen00:07:59Zappa
02/01Dupree's Paradise00:31:26Zappa
02/02Camarillo Brillo00:05:46Zappa
02/03Oh No00:01:29Zappa
02/04Son Of Orange County00:05:31Zappa
02/05Trouble Every Day00:09:38Zappa
03/01Tush Tush Tush00:03:29Zappa
03/04Village Of The Sun00:04:48Zappa
03/05Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:03:23Zappa
03/06Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:06:40Zappa
03/09I'm Not Satisfied00:03:40Zappa
03/10Po-Jama People00:12:15Zappa
03/11Yellow Snow Suite00:14:22Zappa
04/01Cosmik Debris00:11:53Zappa
04/02Lance Loud00:01:42Zappa
04/03Nite Owl00:02:24Zappa
04/04Big Swifty00:12:09Zappa
04/05Apostrophe (')00:07:40Zappa
04/06Pygmy Twylyte00:08:55Zappa
04/07Room Service00:06:25Zappa
04/08Tush Tush Tush00:01:02Zappa

Crush All Boxes

01/02Fine Girl00:03:25Zappa
01/03Easy Meat00:08:17Zappa
01/04Goblin Girl00:04:23Zappa
01/05Society Pages00:02:29Zappa
01/06I'm A Beautiful Guy00:01:56Zappa
01/07Beauty Knows No Pain00:03:07Zappa
01/08Charlie's Enormous Mouth00:03:44Zappa
01/09Any Downers?00:02:09Zappa
01/11Fine Girl00:04:11Zappa
01/12Bamboozled By Love00:04:45Zappa
01/13Pick Me, I'm Clean00:03:52Zappa
01/14Pick Me, I'm Clean / Bamboozled By Love00:05:52Zappa
01/15Teenage Wind00:03:45Zappa
01/16Harder Than Your Husband00:02:41Zappa
01/17Bamboozled Work00:01:31Zappa
01/18Teenage Wind00:03:22Zappa
01/19I Don't Wanna Get Drafted I00:03:50Zappa
01/20I Don't Wanna Get Drafted II00:03:58Zappa


01/01Deer Jeepers - Bob Guy00:02:31Zappa
01/02World's Greatest Sinner - Baby Ray & The Ferns00:02:29Zappa
01/03How's Your Bird - Baby Ray & The Ferns00:02:13Zappa
01/04Every Time I See You - The Heartbreakers00:02:36Collins/Zappa
01/05Cradle Rock - The Heartbreakers00:02:56Galleges
01/06Slow Bird - Paul Buff00:02:11Buff
01/07Blind Man's Buff - Paul Buff00:01:48Buff
01/08Mr. Clean - Mr. Clean00:02:11Zappa
01/09Jesse Lee - Mr. Clean00:01:55Zappa
01/10Cathy My Angel - The Pauls00:02:15Buff
01/11'Til September - The Pauls00:02:28Aerni/Buff
01/12Heavies - The Rotations00:01:49Aerni/Buff
01/13The Cruncher - The Rotations00:02:22Aerni/Buff
01/14Letter From Jeepers - Bob Guy00:02:27Zappa
01/15Memories Of El Monte - The Penguins00:02:44Collins/Zappa

Cucamonga Years 1962-1964

01/01Memories Of El Monte - The Penguins00:02:45Collins/Zappa
01/02How's Your Bird - Baby Ray & The Ferns00:02:12Zappa
01/03World's Greatest Sinner - Baby Ray & The Ferns00:02:28Zappa
01/04Deer Jeepers - Bob Guy00:02:28Zappa
01/05Letter From Jeepers - Bob Guy00:02:23Zappa
01/06Grunion Run - The Hollywood Persuaders00:02:24Zappa
01/07Tijuana Surf - The Hollywood Persuaders00:02:21Buff
01/08Mr. Clean - Mr. Clean00:02:11Zappa
01/09Jesse Lee - Mr. Clean00:01:56Zappa
01/10Heavies - The Rotations00:01:50Aerni/Buff
01/11The Cruncher - The Rotations00:02:23Aerni/Buff
01/12Every Time I See You - The Heartbreakers00:02:34Collins/Zappa
01/13Cradle Rock - The Heartbreakers00:02:54Galleges

Delicious Watermelon For Easter

01/01Instrument Check00:01:31Zappa
01/02Treacherous Cretins00:07:06Zappa
01/04Dead Girls Of London00:02:34Zappa
01/05I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:08Zappa
01/06Brown Shoes Dont Make It00:07:07Zappa
01/07Cosmik Debris00:04:08Zappa
01/08Tryin To Grow A Chin00:03:27Zappa
01/09City Of Tiny Lites00:08:44Zappa
01/10Dancin Fool00:03:19Zappa
01/11Easy Meat00:07:36Zappa
01/12Jumbo Go Away00:04:59Zappa
01/14Inca Roads00:11:11Zappa
01/15Florentine Pogen00:05:12Zappa
02/01Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:28Zappa
02/02Keep It Greasey00:03:31Zappa
02/03The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:20Zappa
02/04For The Young Sophisticate00:01:57Zappa
02/05Wet T-Shirt Night00:02:23Zappa
02/06Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:34Zappa
02/07Peaches En Regalia00:03:00Zappa
02/08Yellow Snow Suite00:16:24Zappa
02/09A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:25:33Zappa
02/10Watermelon In Easter Hay00:01:07Zappa

Dupree's Paradise 1973

01/02Dupree's Paradise George Duke Prelude00:08:29Zappa
01/03Dupree's Paradise Main Theme & Solos00:12:33Zappa
01/04Cosmik Debris00:11:20Zappa
01/05Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue00:01:04Zappa
01/06Kung Fu00:01:03Zappa
01/07Penguin In Bondage00:03:52Zappa
01/08Dog Meat00:06:52Zappa
01/10Brown Shoes Don't Make It00:08:08Zappa
02/01Village Of The Sun00:04:19Zappa
02/02Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:04:03Zappa
02/03Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:10:55Zappa
02/05Farther O'Blivion00:16:12Zappa
02/06Encore Break Medley00:01:37Zappa
02/07Son Of Mr. Green Genes00:02:55Zappa
02/08King Kong00:05:23Zappa
02/09Chunga's Revenge Including Son Of Mr. Green Genes Reprise00:05:55Zappa
03/01Dupree's Paradise00:23:26Zappa
03/02Pygmy-Cheepnis Preamble00:01:14Zappa
03/03Pygmy Twylyte00:04:17Zappa
03/04The Idiot Bastard Son00:02:16Zappa
03/06Inca Roads Preamble00:01:06Zappa
03/07Inca Roads00:07:03Zappa
03/08Dickie Preamble00:01:29Zappa
03/09Dickie's Such An Asshole00:08:59Zappa
03/10Encore Break00:01:27Zappa
03/11I'm The Slime00:03:50Zappa
03/12Big Swifty00:08:41Zappa

El Paso Or Die

01/03Apostrophe (')00:04:13Zappa/Bruce/Gordon
01/05I'm Not Satisfied00:02:07Zappa
01/06Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:09:14Zappa
01/07Velvet Sunrise00:05:26Zappa
01/08A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:15:22Zappa
01/09You're So Fine / Lonely Lonely Nights00:04:21Zappa
01/10Debra Kadabra00:04:16Zappa
02/11Montana / Improvisations00:15:45Zappa
02/01Advance Romance00:12:35Zappa
02/02Florentine Pogen00:02:52Zappa
02/05Dirty Love00:03:07Zappa
02/06Filthy Habits00:11:03Zappa
02/07How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:03:42Zappa
02/08I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:37Zappa
02/09I'm Not Satisfied00:02:01Zappa
02/10Black Napkins00:11:35Zappa


01/02Cosmik Debris00:11:20Zappa
01/03In Between00:01:41Zappa
01/04Pygmy Twylyte00:06:53Zappa
01/05The Idiot Bastard Son00:02:12Zappa
01/07In Between00:00:47Zappa
01/08Inca Roads00:11:34Zappa
01/10Dukie Schtick00:05:23Zappa
01/11Improvised Lounge Music00:08:05Zappa
01/12Dupree's Paradise00:00:54Zappa
02/01Dupree's Paradise00:20:39Zappa
02/02It Can't Happen Here00:02:55Zappa
02/03Hungry Freaks, Daddy00:02:36Zappa
02/04You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here00:02:32Zappa
02/05How Could I Be Such A Fool? / Wowie Zowie00:00:53Zappa
02/06Let's Make The Water Turn Black00:01:55Zappa
02/07Harry, You're A Beast00:01:57Zappa
02/08Oh No / Son Of Orange County00:13:09Zappa
02/09Trouble Every Day00:08:48Zappa
02/10Camarillo Brillo00:04:33Zappa
02/11Cosmik Debris & Manny Moore00:00:32Zappa
02/12Unknown Mystery Bonus Track00:07:41Zappa

Fillmore West 70

01/01Have Gun Will Travel00:01:37Herrmann
01/02Call Any Vegetable00:10:37Zappa
01/03The Sanzini Brothers (Part 1)00:00:59Zappa
01/04Preamble To Penis Dimension00:01:03Zappa
01/05Penis Dimension (Part 1)00:08:06Zappa
01/06The Sanzini Brothers (Part 2)00:02:22Zappa
01/07Little House I Used To Live In00:00:55Zappa
01/08Penis Dimension (Part 2)00:02:52Zappa
01/09The Mud Shark00:00:27Zappa
01/10Dr. Tube, The Night Reemer Intro00:00:50Zappa
01/11Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya00:02:51Zappa
01/12Touring Can Make You Crazy / Would You Like A Snack?00:01:30Zappa
01/13Holiday In Berlin00:08:45Zappa
01/14Cruisin' For Burgers00:02:54Zappa
01/15Easy Meat00:05:34Zappa
01/16Banter On San Francisco / Bullshit Rhythm!00:01:34Zappa
01/17Daddy, Daddy, Daddy00:02:55Zappa
01/18Do You Like My New Car?00:04:29Zappa
01/19Happy Together00:01:08Bonner/Gordon
01/20Who Are The Brain Police?00:01:59Zappa

First Tango In Paris

01/02Prelude To King Kong00:04:20Zappa
01/03King Kong / Gas Mask00:19:06Zappa
01/04Plastic People00:04:17Zappa
01/05Tuning / European Frustration Story00:04:36Zappa
01/06Hungry Freaks, Daddy00:03:56Zappa
01/07Captain Kangaroo Story00:01:36Zappa
01/08Son Of Mr. Green Genes / Rite Of Spring00:07:36Zappa
01/09Help, I'm A Rock / TransylVania Boogie00:12:58Zappa
01/10Drum Duet Solo00:02:29Zappa
01/11Jam Session / Dog Breath00:10:01Zappa

Fits Your 34B, No Matter Which 43B You Are

01/01Heavy Duty Judy04:08:00Zappa
01/03City Of Tiny Lites08:26:00Zappa
01/04You Are What You Is03:55:00Zappa
01/05Mudd Club02:54:00Zappa
01/06The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing03:13:00Zappa
01/07Ride My Face To Chicago03:49:00Zappa
01/09Joe's Garage02:25:00Zappa
01/10Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?02:01:00Zappa
01/11He's So Gay02:40:00Zappa
01/12Bobby Brown Goes Down02:41:00Zappa
01/13Let's Move To Cleveland13:15:00Zappa
01/14Dinah-Moe Humm03:23:00Zappa
01/15Penguin In Bondage05:12:00Zappa
01/16Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel05:05:00Zappa
01/17Whippin' Post07:10:00Allman

For Sharleena

01/02Twinkle Tits00:10:20Zappa
01/03Directly From My Heart To You00:05:50Penniman
01/04Chunga's Revenge00:24:31Zappa

Frank's Day Off

01/02Chunga's Revenge / Band Introduction00:08:38Zappa
01/03Easy Meat00:10:31Zappa
01/04Mudd Club00:03:29Zappa
01/05The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:31Zappa
01/06Heavenly Bank Account00:04:15Zappa
01/07Suicide Chump00:05:17Zappa
01/08Jumbo Go Away00:04:19Zappa
01/09If Only She Woulda00:07:26Zappa
01/10I Don't Wanna Get Drafted00:02:49Zappa
01/11Teen-Age Wind00:03:22Zappa
01/12Harder Than Your Husband00:02:44Zappa
01/13Bamboozled By Love00:06:02Zappa
01/14Pick Me, I'm Clean00:07:27Zappa
01/15Cosmik Debris00:04:34Zappa
02/01You Didn't Try To Call Me00:03:58Zappa
02/02I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:14Zappa
02/03Joe's Garage00:02:33Zappa
02/04Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:04:18Zappa
02/05Dancin' Fool00:03:42Zappa
02/06Bobby Brown Does Down00:02:47Zappa
02/07Black Napkins00:07:04Zappa
02/08Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:02:19Zappa
02/09The Illinois Enema Bandit00:08:26Zappa
03/02Treacherous Cretins / Band Introductions00:06:37Zappa
03/03Keep It Greasey00:03:09Zappa
03/04Outside Now00:08:39Zappa
03/05City Of Tiny Lites00:08:23Zappa
03/06A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:17:09Zappa
03/07Cosmik Debris00:04:28Zappa
03/08Society Pages00:02:34Zappa
03/09I'm A Beautiful Guy00:02:02Zappa
03/10Beauty Knows No Pain00:03:23Zappa
03/11Charlie's Enormous Mouth00:04:00Zappa
03/12Any Downers?00:04:38Zappa
04/01Easy Meat00:13:09Zappa
04/02Mudd Club00:03:40Zappa
04/03The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:07Zappa
04/04Heavenly Bank Account00:05:53Zappa
04/05Introducing Carol, The Go-Go Dancer00:00:43Zappa
04/06Love Of My Life00:03:45Zappa
04/07Watermelon In Easter Hay00:05:46Zappa

Genius At Work

01/01Persona Non Grata00:09:11Zappa
01/02Dead Girls Of London00:02:36Zappa/Shankar
01/03I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:10Zappa
01/04Brown Shoes Don't Make It00:07:23Zappa
01/05Cosmik Debris00:04:07Zappa
01/06Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:14Zappa
01/07City Of Tiny Lites00:07:35Zappa
01/08Dancin' Fool00:03:19Zappa
01/09Easy Meat00:05:22Zappa
01/10Jumbo Go Away00:05:08Zappa
01/12Inca Roads00:09:00Zappa
01/13Florentine Pogen00:05:23Zappa
01/14Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:24Zappa
01/15Keep It Greasey00:03:37Zappa
02/01The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:22Zappa
02/02For The Young Sophisticate00:03:00Zappa
02/03Wet T-Shirt Night00:02:19Zappa
02/04Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:36Zappa
02/05Peaches En Regalia00:03:08Zappa
02/06Yellow Snow Suite00:09:42Zappa
02/07St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast00:01:47Zappa
02/08Farther O'Blivion00:01:26Zappa
02/09Nanook Rubs It00:04:24Zappa
02/10Strictly Genteel00:06:36Zappa
02/12A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:09:00Zappa

Halloween New York 1978

01/01Instruments Check00:01:22Zappa
01/02The Deathless Horsie00:08:07Zappa
01/03Intro / Band Introduction00:02:14Zappa
01/04Dancin' Fool00:03:15Zappa
01/05Easy Meat00:04:01Zappa
01/06Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:09Zappa
01/07Keep It Greasey00:02:54Zappa
01/08The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:24Zappa
01/09City Of Tiny Lites00:10:33Zappa
01/10A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:04:23Zappa
02/01NYC Audience00:00:12Zappa
02/02Bamboozled By Love00:08:11Zappa
02/03Sy Borg00:04:28Zappa
02/04Mo 'n Herb's Vacation00:03:47Zappa
02/05Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:01Zappa
02/06Suicide Chump00:03:60Zappa
02/07Prelude To Packard Goose00:01:14Zappa
02/08Packard Goose00:17:15Zappa
02/09Encore Intro00:00:48Zappa
02/10Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:02:22Zappa
02/11Nanook Rubs It00:06:23Zappa
02/12St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast00:01:07Zappa
02/13Farther O'Blivion00:04:38Zappa

Hitherto Unknown

01/01Crowd / Knick Knack00:01:36Zappa
01/02Deathless Horsie00:06:14Zappa
01/04Dancin' Fool00:03:37Zappa
01/05Easy Meat00:04:20Zappa
01/06Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:22Zappa
01/07Keep It Greasey00:03:41Zappa
01/08Village Of The Sun00:11:40Zappa
01/09The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:46Zappa
01/10City Of Tiny Lites00:09:24Zappa
01/11A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:09:57Zappa
02/01Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:06Zappa
02/04Magic Fingers00:02:29Zappa
02/05Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:16:12Zappa
02/07Strictly Genteel00:07:06Zappa
02/08Dinah-Moe Humm00:07:20Zappa

Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?

01/02Stage Anouncer00:00:24Zappa
01/04Blues Jam00:05:42Zappa
01/05Band Introduction00:00:45Zappa
01/07Dirty Love00:05:04Zappa
01/08How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:04:43Zappa
01/09I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:29Zappa
01/10I'm Not Satisfied00:01:56Zappa
01/11Black Napkins00:06:45Zappa
01/12Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:03:46Zappa
01/13The Illinois Enema Bandit00:07:57Zappa
01/14Advance Romance00:10:41Zappa
01/15Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:07:26Zappa
01/16Lonely Little Girl00:02:52Zappa
02/01Take Your Clothes Of When You Dance00:02:12Zappa
02/02What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?00:01:04Zappa
02/03Chunga's Revenge00:15:47Zappa
02/04Terry's Drum Solo00:04:23Bozzio
02/05Zoot Allures00:06:04Zappa
02/06Swallow My Pride00:04:53Zappa
02/07Any Downers?00:08:30Zappa
02/08Camarillo Brillo00:04:04Zappa
02/09Muffin Man00:03:52Zappa
02/10I'm The Slime00:03:31Zappa
02/11San Ber'dino00:06:09Zappa

Hollywood '84

01/02Easy Meat00:06:22Zappa
01/03Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:06:06Zappa
01/04AdVance Romance00:06:57Zappa
01/05He's So Gay00:02:30Zappa
01/06Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:41Zappa
01/07Keep It Greasey00:03:42Zappa
01/08Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:03:55Zappa
01/09Carol, You Fool00:03:19Zappa
01/10Let's Move To Cleveland00:12:12Zappa
01/11Tinsel Town Rebellion00:04:38Zappa
01/12Oh No00:01:36Zappa
01/13Trouble Every Day00:04:59Zappa
01/14Frank Zappa Conducts Audience00:02:14Zappa
01/16The Closer You Are00:02:13Lewis/Robinson

I Am The Clouds

I Am The Clouds - Sporthalle, Cologne, April 14, 1988

01/02The Black Page #200:06:27Zappa
01/03Band Introduction00:01:39Zappa
01/04Inca Roads00:09:38Zappa
01/05When The Lie's So Big00:03:38Zappa
01/06Planet Of The Baritone Women00:02:50Zappa
01/07Any Kind Of Pain00:05:56Zappa
01/08Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk00:07:28Buxton
01/09City Of Tiny Lites00:08:45Zappa
01/10A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:15:05Zappa
01/11Packard Goose / Royal March From L'Histoire Du Soldat / Piano Concerto No. 300:07:20Zappa/Stravinsky/Bartok
01/12The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:17Zappa
02/01The Torture Never Stops00:16:33Zappa
02/02Disco Boy00:03:11Zappa
02/03Teenage Wind00:02:41Zappa
02/04Bamboozled By Love00:05:24Zappa
02/07I Am The Walrus00:03:54Lennon/McCartney
02/08The Illinois Enema Bandit00:09:26Zappa
02/09Let's Make The Water Turn Black / Harry, You're A Beast / The Orange County Lumber Truck / Oh No / Theme From Lumpy Gravy00:09:48Zappa

I Am The Clouds - Carl-Diem-Halle, Würzburg, Germany, April 22, 1988

03/01Crowd / Tuning00:01:31Zappa
03/02Heavy Duty Judy00:03:51Zappa
03/03Band Introduction00:03:21Zappa
03/04Ring Of Fire00:02:07Cash
03/05Packard Goose / Royal March From L'Histoire Du Soldat / Piano Concerto No. 300:07:31Zappa/Stravinsky/Bartok
03/06Cosmik Debris00:04:32Zappa
03/07Who Needs The Peace Corps?00:02:40Zappa
03/08I Left My Heart In San Francisco00:00:37Cory/Cross
03/09What's New In Baltimore?00:04:40Zappa
03/10Inca Roads00:09:23Zappa
03/11AdVance Romance00:07:20Zappa
03/12Disco Boy00:03:06Zappa
03/13Teenage Wind00:02:36Zappa
03/14Bamboozled By Love00:06:37Zappa
03/15The Torture Never Stops / Inca Roads00:16:38Zappa
03/16I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:04Zappa
04/01Love Of My Life00:02:22Collins/Zappa
04/02City Of Tiny Lites00:07:05Zappa
04/03A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:10:10Zappa
04/04Stairway To Heaven00:09:43Page/Plant
04/06Ring Of Fire00:01:55Cash
04/09Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:37Zappa
04/10Joe's Garage00:03:44Zappa
04/11Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:34Zappa
04/13Ring Of Fire00:00:59Cash
04/14I Am The Walrus00:03:46Lennon/McCartney
04/15The Illinois Enema Bandit00:09:29Zappa

I Am The Clouds - Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle, München, Germany, May 9, 1988

05/01Band Introduction / Stink-Foot00:06:45Zappa
05/02What's New In Baltimore?00:04:03Zappa
05/03Heavy Duty Judy00:03:51Zappa
05/04Find Her Finer00:02:39Zappa
05/05Big Swifty / Lohengrin / Carmen / 1812 Overture, Op. 4900:10:53Zappa/Wagner
05/06Trouble Every Day00:05:32Zappa
05/07Penguin In Bondage00:04:58Zappa
05/08Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel00:06:18Zappa
05/09Who Needs The Peace Corps?00:03:40Zappa
05/10Zomby Woof00:04:53Zappa
06/01King Kong00:06:00Zappa
06/02Mr. Green Genes00:03:42Zappa
06/03Florentine Pogen00:07:12Zappa
06/05Inca Roads00:09:22Zappa
06/06Cruisin' For Burgers00:06:17Zappa
06/07Rhymin' Man00:03:51Zappa
06/08Dupree's Paradise00:03:33Zappa
06/09Let's Move To Cleveland00:08:07Zappa
06/10Whippin' Post00:08:11Allman
06/11I Am The Walrus / Jam00:08:48Lennon/McCartney/Zappa

I Am The Clouds - Mozartsaal, Mannheim, Germany, May 25, 1988

07/01The Black Page #2 / Band Introduction00:08:42Zappa
07/02We're Turning Again00:04:53Zappa
07/03Alien Orifice00:04:14Zappa
07/04When The Lie's So Big00:03:39Zappa
07/05Planet Of The Baritone Women00:02:43Zappa
07/06Any Kind Of Pain00:05:42Zappa
07/07Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk00:07:24Buxton
07/08Dupree's Paradise00:05:31Zappa
07/09Easy Meat00:08:16Zappa
07/10Sinister Footwear00:06:50Zappa
07/11City Of Tiny Lites00:09:30Zappa
08/01A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:15:13Zappa
08/02Outside Now00:06:32Zappa
08/03Let's Make The Water Turn Black00:01:35Zappa
08/04Harry, You're A Beast00:00:48Zappa
08/05The Orange County Lumber Truck00:00:42Zappa
08/06Oh No00:06:11Zappa
08/07Theme From Lumpy Gravy00:01:11Zappa
08/08Bamboozled By Love00:08:07Zappa
08/09Ring Of Fire00:01:55Zappa/Cash
08/10Peaches En Regalia00:02:53Zappa
08/11Stairway To Heaven / The Untouchables00:11:17Page/Plant/Zappa
08/12I Am The Walrus00:03:34Lennon/McCartney
08/13The Illinois Enema Bandit00:09:33Zappa

I Wanna Have A Little Tush

01/01Tush Tush Tush00:04:49Zappa
01/04Village Of The Sun00:04:49Zappa
01/05Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:03:20Zappa
01/06Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:06:07Zappa
01/07Apostrophe (')00:05:16Zappa/Bruce/Gordon
01/08Penguin In Bondage00:07:52Zappa
01/09T'Mershi Duween00:02:43Zappa
01/10The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat00:03:57Zappa
01/11Building A Girl00:01:29Zappa
01/12Stage Banter00:01:50Zappa
01/13Dinah-Moe Humm00:09:49Zappa
01/14Camarillo Brillo00:03:50Zappa
02/02Dupree's Paradise00:14:57Zappa
02/03Chunga's Revenge00:16:28Zappa
02/04Encore Intros / Oh No00:03:07Zappa
02/05Son Of Orange County00:07:31Zappa
02/06Trouble Every Day00:06:01Zappa

In Basle And Elsewhere

01/01Po-Jama People00:11:58Zappa
01/02I'm Not Satisfied00:02:02Zappa
01/03Penguin In Bondage00:08:18Zappa
01/04T'Mershi Duween00:03:20Zappa
01/05Tush Tush Tush00:03:06Zappa
01/08Village Of The Sun00:04:34Zappa
01/09Echidna's Art (Of You)00:03:26Zappa
01/10Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:09:34Zappa
02/01Dupree's Paradise00:31:41Zappa
02/02Tush Tush Tush00:00:52Zappa
02/03Encore Intro00:01:00Zappa
02/04Pygmy Twylyte00:16:42Zappa
02/05Tush Tush Tush00:00:49Zappa
02/07Florentine Pogen00:07:12Zappa
02/08I'm Not Satisfied00:02:20Zappa
02/09Don't Eat Theq Yellow Snow00:02:41Zappa
02/10Nanook Rubs It00:05:02Zappa
02/11St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast00:02:08Zappa
02/12Farther O'Blivion00:02:38Zappa


01/01San Bernadino00:06:42Zappa
01/02Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:33Zappa
01/03City Of Tiny Lites00:05:05Zappa
01/04The Squirm00:06:11Zappa
01/05Big Leg Emma00:02:09Zappa
01/06The Dance Contest00:04:05Zappa
01/08The Black Page #200:02:52Zappa
01/09Jones Crusher00:03:43Zappa
01/10Camarillo Brillo00:03:29Zappa
01/11Black Napkins00:07:04Zappa

Is Anybody Happy?

01/02Dancin' Fool00:03:49Zappa
01/03Peaches En Regalia00:02:38Zappa
01/04The Torture Never Stops00:14:04Zappa
01/05Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:42Zappa
01/06City Of Tiny Lites00:08:00Zappa
01/07Baby Snakes00:01:57Zappa
01/08A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:11:53Zappa
01/09German Boutique Girl Rap00:05:19Zappa
02/01I Have Been In You00:06:00Zappa
02/03Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:04:09Zappa
02/04King Kong00:09:55Zappa
02/05White Person00:03:36Zappa
02/06Wild Love00:07:10Zappa
02/07Yo' Mama00:01:28Zappa
02/08San Ber'dino00:06:40Zappa
02/09Watermelon In Easter Hay00:04:46Zappa
02/10Dinah-Moe Humm00:05:53Zappa
02/11Black Napkins00:06:38Zappa

Je Suis Une Legend ~ I Am A Legend

01/02Persona Non Grata00:07:30Zappa
01/03Band Introduction00:01:28Zappa
01/04Dead Girls Of London00:03:16Zappa/Shankar
01/05I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:09Zappa
01/06Brown Shoes Don't Make It00:06:55Zappa
01/07Cosmik Debris00:03:59Zappa
01/08Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:24Zappa
01/09City Of Tiny Lites00:11:22Zappa
01/10Dancin' Fool00:03:29Zappa
01/11Easy Meat00:09:05Zappa
02/01Jumbo Go Away00:04:57Zappa
02/03Inca Roads00:11:46Zappa
02/04Florentine Pogen00:05:13Zappa
02/05Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:28Zappa
02/06Peaches En Regalia00:04:48Zappa
02/08Dirty Love00:03:19Zappa

KC Blues

01/02Duke Of Prunes00:06:22Zappa
01/04Little Dots00:09:09Zappa
01/05Cosmik Debris00:05:46Zappa
01/06KC Blues00:11:38Zappa
01/07Farther O'Blivion00:13:45Zappa
01/08America Drinks & Goes Home00:05:19Zappa

King Kong Boogie

01/02Some Ballet Music00:07:44Zappa
01/03Uncle Meat00:03:28Zappa
01/04Drum Dust00:03:46Zappa
01/05Eye Of Agamotto00:09:02Zappa
01/06My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama00:04:34Zappa
01/07Clap & Vomit (Audience Participation)00:05:45Zappa
01/08Kung Fu00:02:22Zappa
01/09The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue00:07:44Zappa
01/10Hungry Freaks, Daddy00:04:47Zappa
02/01Little House I Used To Live In00:05:30Zappa
02/02Aybe Sea00:01:01Zappa
02/03Transylvania Boogie00:02:18Zappa
02/04Help, I'm A Rock00:04:54Zappa
02/05King Kong00:14:33Zappa
02/06Igor´s Boogie / Little Doo-Woop00:02:25Zappa
02/07Interview And Band Introduction00:05:34Zappa
02/08Wonderful Wino00:04:56Zappa/Simmons
02/09Concentration Moon00:02:29Zappa
02/10Mom & Dad00:03:12Zappa
02/11The Air00:03:16Zappa
02/12Dog Breath00:02:08Zappa
02/13Mother People00:02:09Zappa
02/14You Didn't Try To Call Me00:04:19Zappa
02/16Call Any Vegetable00:07:08Zappa
02/17King Kong00:04:30Zappa
02/18Igor's Boogie00:01:09Zappa
02/19King Kong00:07:44Zappa

Knebworth '78

01/01Knick Knack Intro00:02:10Zappa
01/02The Deathless Horsie00:09:06Zappa
01/03Dancin' Fool00:03:40Zappa
01/04Easy Meat00:04:56Zappa
01/05Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:25Zappa
01/06Keep It Greasey00:03:42Zappa
01/07Village Of The Sun00:07:40Zappa
01/08The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:04:06Zappa
01/09City Of Tiny Lites00:07:50Zappa
01/10A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:06:39Zappa
02/01Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:10Zappa
02/04Magic Fingers00:02:35Zappa
02/05Yellow Snow Suite00:13:55Zappa
02/06Bamboozled By Love00:06:47Zappa

Kong Kings

01/02King Kong Part I00:15:17Zappa
01/03King Kong Part II00:15:41Zappa
01/04King Kong Part III00:03:52Zappa
01/05King Kong Part IV00:03:41Zappa
01/06King Kong Part I00:05:04Zappa
01/07King Kong Part II00:08:44Zappa

Kreega Bondola

01/01Heavy Duty Judy00:03:05Zappa
01/03Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:06:29Zappa
01/04Advance Romance00:07:23Zappa
01/05I'm The Slime00:04:32Zappa
01/06Be In My Video00:03:22Zappa
01/07What's New In Baltimore?00:02:51Zappa
01/08Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up00:03:09Zappa
01/09Ride My Face To Chicago00:03:18Zappa
01/10Teenage Wind00:02:42Zappa
01/11Truck-Driver Divorce00:05:37Zappa
01/12Cocaine Decisions00:02:51Zappa
01/13Nig Biz00:05:49Zappa
02/01Keep It Greasey00:03:27Zappa
02/02Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:03:59Zappa
02/03Carol, You Fool00:04:03Zappa
02/04Chana In De Bushwop00:04:01Zappa
02/05Let's Move To Cleveland00:14:40Zappa
02/07He's So Gay00:02:30Zappa
02/08Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:34Zappa
02/09Crew Slut00:06:33Zappa
02/10On Women00:01:20Zappa
02/11Camarillo Brillo00:03:28Zappa
02/12Muffin Man00:02:31Zappa
02/13The Illinois Enema Bandit00:09:26Zappa

Little House I Used To Live In

01/01Paladin Routine00:01:29Zappa
01/02Call Any Vegetable00:10:41Zappa
01/03The Sanzini Brothers (Part 1)00:02:05Zappa
01/04Penis Dimension00:08:06Zappa
01/05The Sanzini Brothers (Part 2)00:02:22Zappa
01/06Little House I Used To Live In00:03:43Zappa
01/07The Mud Shark00:04:36Zappa
01/08Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown00:09:14Zappa
01/09Cruisin' For Burgers00:03:23Zappa
01/10Easy Meat00:07:14Zappa
01/11Daddy, Daddy, Daddy00:02:56Zappa
01/12Do You Like My New Car?00:04:28Zappa
01/13Happy Together00:01:07Bonner/Gordon
01/14Who Are The Brain Police?00:01:42Zappa
02/01Grace Slick Jam00:06:29Zappa
02/02The Sanzini Brothers (Part 1)00:01:20Zappa
02/03Little House I Used To Live In00:03:59Zappa
02/04The Mud Shark00:01:17Zappa
02/05Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown00:10:56Zappa
02/06Cruisin' For Burgers00:03:18Zappa
02/07The Sanzini Brothers (Part 2)00:01:40Zappa
02/08What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening?00:04:18Zappa
02/09What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?00:05:03Zappa
02/10Bwana Dik00:01:12Zappa
02/11Latex Solar Beef00:01:35Zappa
02/12Daddy, Daddy, Daddy00:02:39Zappa
02/13Do You Like My New Car?00:07:50Zappa
02/14Happy Together00:01:24Bonner/Gordon
02/15Wonderful Wino00:07:43Zappa/Simmons
02/16Concentration Moon00:06:58Zappa
02/17Mom  Dad00:03:01Zappa
03/01Kip Cohen Intro00:01:01Cohen
03/02Paladin Routine00:01:37Zappa
03/03Call Any Vegetable00:10:12Zappa
03/04The Sanzini Brothers00:01:42Zappa
03/05Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You?00:00:39Zappa
03/06A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:07:39Zappa
03/07Sleeping In A Jar00:02:33Zappa
03/08El Porko The Magnificent00:02:06Zappa
03/10The Air00:03:05Zappa
03/11Dog Breath00:01:54Zappa
03/12Mother People00:02:09Zappa
03/13You Didn't Try To Call Me00:03:15Zappa
03/14King Kong00:02:16Zappa

Live At Leroy Theater

01/01The Purple Lagoon00:02:44Zappa
01/02Stink-Foot (Inc. Mexican Hat Dance)00:07:09Zappa
01/03The Poodle Lecture00:03:59Zappa
01/04Dirty Love00:03:30Zappa
01/05Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station00:02:19Zappa
01/06Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:54Zappa
01/07The Torture Never Stops00:12:49Zappa
01/08City Of Tiny Lites00:07:11Zappa
01/09You Didn't Try To Call Me00:06:08Zappa
01/10Manx Needs Women00:01:46Zappa
01/11Titties 'n' Beer00:07:21Zappa
02/01Black Napkins00:18:42Zappa
02/02AdVance Romance (Inc. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida)00:10:57Zappa
02/03The Purple Lagoon00:02:24Zappa
02/04Dinah-Moe Humm00:06:05Zappa
02/05Muffin Man00:03:28Zappa
02/06The Purple Lagoon00:01:16Zappa
02/07What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?00:04:45Zappa
02/08Stranded In The Jungle00:05:15Johnson/Smith
02/09The Purple Lagoon00:00:35Zappa


01/01Dead Girls Of London00:05:36Zappa/Shankar
01/02A Little Green Rosetta00:01:04Zappa
01/03Ship Ahoy00:01:59Zappa
01/04Duck Duck Goose00:03:38Zappa
01/05Down In De Dew00:02:55Zappa
01/06For The Young Sophisticate00:03:16Zappa
01/07Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:15Zappa
01/08Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:04:48Zappa
01/09The Black Page #200:02:10Zappa
01/10Punky's Whips00:10:58Zappa
02/01Titties 'n' Beer00:06:21Zappa
02/02The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution00:08:32Zappa
02/04Camarillo Brillo00:03:50Zappa
02/05Black Napkins00:07:07Zappa
02/061972 Interview With Martin Perlich00:23:00Zappa
02/071978 Interview With Jerry Kay00:04:24Zappa

Live USA

01/01Big Leg Emma00:02:26Zappa
01/02Some Ballet Music00:05:44Zappa
01/03Status Back Baby00:02:39Zappa
01/05My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama00:08:40Zappa
01/06The Uncle Meat / Ling Kong00:23:48Zappa
01/07Opus 5 - Mount St. Mary's Concert Excerpt00:03:01Zappa
01/08This Is What We Sound Like00:04:17Zappa
01/09Right There00:03:29Zappa/Estrada
01/10Jelly Roll Gum Drop00:02:08Zappa
01/11Igor's Boogie00:03:30Zappa

Masked Turnip Cyclophony

01/01Breaktime - The Masters00:02:26Buff/Williams/Zappa
01/02High Steppin' - Pal Studio Band00:01:21Zappa
01/03The World's Greatest Sinner - Baby Ray and the Ferns00:02:27Zappa
01/04How's Your Bird? - Baby Ray and the Ferns00:02:09Zappa
01/05Cookin' Turnips - Pal Studio Band00:04:16Zappa
01/06Memories Of El Monte - The Penguins00:02:40Collins/Zappa
01/07Waltz - Pal Studio Band00:03:36Buff/Zappa
01/08Sun Dog - Pal Studio Band00:02:38Buff/Zappa
01/09Smoky Night - Pal Studio Band00:02:03Buff/Zappa
01/10Can't Stand Up - Pal Studio Band00:04:57Buff/Zappa
01/11Dear Jeepers - Bob Guy00:02:28Zappa
01/12Letters From Jeepers - Bob Guy00:02:22Zappa
01/13Every Time I See You - Heartbreakers00:02:33Collins/Zappa
01/14Love Of My Life - Pal Studio Band00:02:08Zappa
01/15Masked Grandma - Pal Studio Band00:02:43Zappa
01/16The Big Surfer - Brian Lord and the Midnighters00:02:29Zappa
01/17Hey Nelda - Ned &Nelda00:02:09Collins/Zappa
01/18Surf Along With Ned and Nelda - Ned &Nelda00:02:06Collins/Zappa
01/19Grunion Run - Hollywood Persuaders00:02:13Zappa
01/20Mr Clean - Mr Clean00:02:05Zappa
01/21Why Don't You Do Me Right - Pal Studio Band00:05:02Zappa
01/22I'm Losing Status At The High School - Pal Studio Band &Allison Buff00:01:11Zappa
01/23Hurricane - Conrad &The Hurricane Strings00:02:18Sigarlaki
01/24The Sahara Hop - Woody Waggers00:02:31Aerni
01/25Cyclophony - Frank Zappa &Steve Allen00:16:01Allen/Zappa

Mothers Including Beef

01/01Opening Instrumental00:04:41Zappa
01/02Apostrophe (')00:04:34Zappa/Bruce/Gordon
01/04I'm Not Satisfied00:02:02Zappa
01/05Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:08:43Zappa
01/06Velvet Sunrise00:07:52Zappa
01/07A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:19:39Zappa
01/08Sleeping In A Jar00:02:05Zappa
02/01Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead00:02:36Zappa
02/02Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:00:37Zappa
02/03George's Boogie00:13:18Zappa
02/04Debra Kadabra00:03:51Zappa
02/05Camarillo Brillo00:03:50Zappa
02/06Muffin Man00:02:53Zappa
02/07Willie The Pimp00:07:07Zappa
02/08Advance Romance00:05:52Zappa

Mother Universe

Mother Universe - Demos

01/01Teenage Prostitute00:02:26Zappa
01/02A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus) / Nicholas Slonimsky Whips It Out00:05:04Zappa
01/03Lisa'S Life Story00:05:28Zappa
01/04Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:06:01Zappa
01/06Easy Meat00:08:43Zappa
01/07Stick It Out00:01:16Zappa
01/08Truck-Driver Divorce00:07:02Zappa
01/09The Deathless Horsie00:10:26Zappa
01/10Outside Now, Again & Again00:10:51Zappa
01/12Spider Of Destiny00:03:08Zappa
01/13Planet Of My Dreams00:01:33Zappa
01/14Time Is Money00:02:51Zappa
01/15Truck-Driver Divorce00:03:41Zappa
01/16In France00:03:54Zappa

Mother Universe - Poot Face Boogie

02/01Peaches En Regalia / Tears Began To Fall / She Painted Up Her Face / Half A Dozen Provocative Squats / Shove It Right In00:12:27Zappa
02/02Who Are The Brain Police00:06:28Zappa
02/03My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama00:03:04Zappa
02/04Dog Breath00:03:58Zappa
02/05Once Upon A Time / Sofa / Stick It Out00:21:01Zappa
02/06The Factory: Lightning-Rod Man00:02:41Zappa

Mother Universe - A Token Of His Extreme

02/07Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:04:05Zappa
02/08Florentine Pogen00:10:15Zappa
02/09Oh No / Son Of Orange County00:04:25Zappa
02/10Pygmy Twylyte00:05:41Zappa
03/01Trouble Every Day00:04:09Zappa
03/03Inca Roads00:09:59Zappa
03/04Honey, Don't You Wanna Man Like Me?00:01:00Zappa
03/05Pygmy Twylyte00:01:15Zappa
03/06A Token Of My Extreme00:01:27Zappa

Mother Universe - Remington Electric Razor

03/07Freak Me Out, Frank00:00:43Zappa
03/08Jumbo Go Away00:04:44Zappa
03/09Moe's Vacation00:04:07Zappa
03/10The Black Page #200:03:06Zappa
03/11Dong Work For Yuda00:02:53Zappa/Smothers
03/12Dicky's Such An Asshole00:05:44Zappa
03/13Nite Owl (Allen)00:02:17Zappa
03/14My Name Is Fritz00:02:30Zappa
03/16I Can'T Get Me No Satisfaction00:01:19Zappa
03/17Remington Electric Razor00:00:56Zappa

Mother Universe - Rustic Protrusion

03/18Shop Talk00:03:30Zappa
03/19Sounds Like This00:08:02Zappa
03/20The Jelly00:02:21Zappa
03/21Igor's Boogie00:05:54Zappa
04/01Lost In A Whirlpool00:02:12Zappa
04/02Do It In C00:01:35Zappa
04/03The Booger Freaks Of America00:03:29Zappa
04/04Any Way The Wind Blows00:02:26Zappa
04/05Fountain Of Love00:02:16Zappa
04/06Opus 500:03:43Zappa
04/07Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance00:04:02Zappa
04/08Hey Nelda00:01:21Zappa

Mother Universe - Pygmy Pony

04/10Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:05:53Zappa
04/12Inca Roads00:07:22Zappa
04/13The Mary & Nancy Music Part 100:04:41Zappa
04/14The Mary & Nancy Music Part 200:05:05Zappa
04/15The Mary & Nancy Music Part 300:07:33Zappa

Mother's Enema Bandits

01/01Incan Intro00:02:42Zappa
01/03The Poodle Lecture00:08:13Zappa
01/04Dirty Love00:02:31Zappa
01/05Filthy Habits00:03:34Zappa
01/06How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:09:07Zappa
01/07I Ain't Got No Heart00:03:21Zappa
01/08I'm Not Satisfied00:02:35Zappa
01/09Black Napkins00:01:54Zappa
01/10Advance Romance00:11:28Zappa
01/11Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:10:32Zappa
01/12Inca Roads00:03:35Zappa
02/01The Illinois Enema Bandit00:08:36Zappa
02/02Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station00:02:45Zappa
02/03Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:04:06Zappa
02/04The Torture Never Stops00:08:45Zappa
02/05Chunga's Revenge00:14:40Zappa
02/06Zoot Allures00:11:22Zappa
02/07Dinah-Moe Humm00:08:02Zappa
02/08I'm The Slime00:03:27Zappa
02/09San Ber'dino00:06:02Zappa
03/01Incan Intro00:03:44Zappa
03/03Dirty Love00:03:15Zappa
03/04Filthy Habits00:10:42Zappa
03/05How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:03:52Zappa
03/06I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:46Zappa
03/07I'm Not Satisfied00:02:09Zappa
03/08Black Napkins00:21:22Zappa
04/01Advance Romance00:10:42Zappa
04/02Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:03:31Zappa
04/03The Illinois Enema Bandit00:09:44Zappa
04/04Dinah-Moe Humm00:07:01Zappa
04/05Chunga's Revenge00:16:33Zappa
04/06San Ber'dino00:04:44Zappa
04/07Disco Boy00:01:16Zappa
04/08Blues Jam00:01:47Zappa
04/09Ms. Pinky / Camarillo Brillo00:01:43Zappa
04/10Find Her Finer00:02:23Zappa

Moustache Over Madison

01/01Instruments Check00:00:46Zappa
01/02Heavy Duty Judy00:04:23Zappa
01/03Band Introduction00:01:10Zappa
01/04Tinsel Town Rebellion00:04:14Zappa
01/05Trouble Every Day00:05:13Zappa
01/06Penguin In Bondage00:04:54Zappa
01/07Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel00:05:18Zappa
01/08Advance Romance00:07:46Zappa
01/09Cocaine Decisions00:02:47Zappa
01/10Nig Biz00:06:36Zappa
01/11Outside Now00:06:55Zappa
01/12Be In My Video00:03:14Zappa
01/14Easy Meat00:09:06Zappa
02/01Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:08:31Zappa
02/02Carol, You Fool00:03:38Zappa
02/03Chana In De Bushwop00:03:51Zappa
02/04Let's Move To Cleveland00:13:45Zappa
02/05Instruments Check00:00:47Zappa
02/06Dinah-Moe Humm00:03:16Zappa
02/07Dancin' Fool00:03:52Zappa
02/09The Illinois Enema Bandit00:09:48Zappa

Mr. Gene's Greens - Detroit '68

01/01Mr. Green Genes00:10:10Zappa
01/02Hungry Freaks, Daddy00:03:42Zappa
01/03America Drinks & Goes Home00:02:06Zappa
01/04King Kong00:13:38Zappa
01/05Handsome Cabin Boy00:05:23Traditional
01/06Little House I Used To Live In00:01:19Zappa
01/07Status Back Baby00:03:55Zappa
01/08Intro & Tune Ups00:00:38Zappa
01/09The Orange County Lumber Truck00:17:19Zappa
01/10A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:19:59Zappa


01/01The Mud Shark00:13:30Zappa
01/02Farther O'Blivion00:10:45Zappa
01/03Uncle Meat00:04:47Zappa
01/04The Dog Breath Variations00:02:14Zappa

Mudshark Live

01/01Daddy's Home00:02:04Zappa
01/02The Polka / Drum Solo00:01:09Zappa
01/03The Mud Shark00:04:33Zappa
01/05Station Id By Frank00:00:48Zappa
01/06Jam (Including Pirate Jenny / Nikki Hoi)00:03:01Zappa
01/07Daddy, Daddy, Daddy00:01:34Zappa
01/08She Painted Up Her Face00:07:06Zappa
01/09Band Intro (By Mark Volman)00:01:17Volman
01/10Oh Baby Don't Drop It00:02:00Zappa
01/11Happy Together / Penis Dimension00:03:53Zappa/Bonner/Gordon
01/12Outro (By Frank Zappa) / Polka Reprise00:01:14Zappa

Muffin Man Goes To College

01/01Improvisations00:05:41Zappa/Van Vliet
01/02Camarillo Brillo00:04:23Zappa
01/03Muffin Man00:01:44Zappa
01/05I'm Not Satisfied00:02:04Zappa
01/06Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:10:27Zappa
01/07Velvet Sunrise00:07:27Zappa
01/08A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:09:48Zappa
01/09The Torture Never Stops00:08:01Zappa
02/02Improvisations (Incl. Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top)00:12:02Zappa/Van Vliet/Duke
02/03Penguin In Bondage00:11:30Zappa
02/04Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead00:03:17Zappa
02/05Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:00:37Zappa
02/07AdVance Romance00:15:38Zappa
02/08Willie The Pimp00:08:38Zappa

Muffin Research Kitchen

01/01Yo Cats00:20:20Zappa/Mars
01/02Let's Move To Cleveland00:14:53Zappa
01/03Let's Move To Cleveland00:08:58Zappa
01/04Penis Dimension00:01:47Zappa
01/05Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?00:08:16Zappa
01/06Seriously / Crew Slut00:01:11Zappa
01/07Packard Goose00:03:32Zappa
01/08Watermelon In Easter Hay00:00:51Zappa
01/09A Token Of My Extreme00:03:26Zappa
01/10Stick It Out / Sy Borg00:01:21Zappa
01/11Dong Work For Yuda00:00:31Zappa/Smothers
01/12Outside Now00:00:21Zappa
01/13Big Swifty00:05:01Zappa
01/14Mo 'n Herb's Vacation00:02:13Zappa
01/15Zomby Woof00:00:14Zappa
01/16Outside Now00:00:14Zappa
02/01What's New In Baltimore?00:10:25Zappa
02/02What's New In Baltimore?00:01:57Zappa
02/04Strictly Genteel00:00:57Zappa
02/05In France00:07:32Zappa
02/06Advance Romance00:02:15Zappa
02/07Arrivederci Rome00:00:58Zappa
02/08Funiculi Funicula00:00:07Zappa
02/09You Are What You Is00:00:06Zappa
02/10Dumb All Over00:00:44Zappa
02/11Zomby Woof00:00:57Zappa
02/12Mystery Song00:01:30Zappa
02/13Tell Me You Love Me00:01:37Zappa
02/14Dead Girls Of London00:00:08Zappa/Shankar
02/16Approximate / Tinsel Town Rebellion00:01:44Zappa
02/17Carolina Hard Core Ecstacy00:05:04Zappa
02/18Yo' Mama00:04:01Zappa
02/19He's So Gay00:12:48Zappa
02/20I Came In Your Face00:02:30Zappa
02/21Stick It Out00:02:29Zappa
03/01Stick It Out00:02:16Zappa
03/02Truck Driver Divorce00:00:57Zappa
03/04Johnny Darling00:00:09Stutton/Stutton
03/05In France00:05:34Zappa
03/06Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:00:21Zappa
03/07No, No Cherry00:01:50Caesar/Gray
03/08Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou00:03:48Woods/Woods/Jessie
03/09Jumbo Go Away / Tell Me You Love Me00:00:23Zappa
03/10Approximate / Cosmik Debris00:02:49Zappa
03/11In France00:02:58Zappa
03/12FZ Guitar Experiments00:05:13Zappa
03/13FZ Changes Strings00:03:34Zappa
03/14FZ Tries Out The New Floyd Rose00:04:51Zappa
03/15Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt Nite00:00:08Zappa
03/17The Poodle Lecture00:00:59Zappa
03/19Carolina Hard Core Ecstacy00:01:09Zappa
03/20No, No Cherry00:00:17Caesar/Gray
03/21The Man From Utopia00:00:28Woods/Woods/Jessie
03/22Keep It Off My Face / The Dangerous Beever00:01:14Zappa
03/23Disco Boy00:00:07Zappa
03/24Truck Driver Divorce00:03:29Zappa
03/25Sinister Footwear / Truck Driver Divorce00:01:08Zappa

Munich 1980 - The Classic German Broadcast

01/01Chunga's Revenge00:04:47Zappa
01/02Mudd Club00:03:02Zappa
01/03The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:02Zappa
01/04Joe's Garage00:02:15Zappa
01/05A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:01:18Zappa
01/06Cosmik Debris00:03:10Zappa
01/07Keep It Greasey00:01:51Zappa
01/08Pick Me, I'm Clean00:04:48Zappa
01/09The Illinois Enema Bandit00:08:43Zappa
01/10You Didn't Try To Call Me00:03:17Zappa
01/11I Ain't Got No Heart00:01:58Zappa
01/12Love Of My Life00:01:52Zappa
01/13City Of Tiny Lites00:09:04Zappa
01/14Late Show Interview, August 198200:12:05Zappa
01/15Late Show Interview, July 198300:09:45Zappa
01/16Late Show Interview, October 198300:04:52Zappa

Oldies But Goldies / Live - Over 20 Years Old

01/02You Didn't Try To Call Me / Petruska / Bristol Stomp / Baby Love / Big Leg Emma00:06:55Zappa/Dozier/Holland/Holland
01/03No Matter What You Do / Blue Suede Shoes / Hound Dog /00:05:09Davis/Leiber/Perkins/Stoller/Watkins/Zappa
01/04King Kong00:22:10Zappa
01/05Uncle Meat00:24:40Zappa

Ontario Slime

01/01Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church)00:17:54Zappa
01/02T'Mershi Duween00:01:50Zappa
01/03I'm The Slime00:03:46Zappa
01/04Big Swifty00:08:51Zappa
01/05Pygmy Twylyte00:05:06Zappa
01/06The Idiot Bastard Son00:02:00Zappa
01/09Dupree's Paradise00:26:42Zappa

Our Man In Italy

01/01Tush Tush Tush00:02:11Zappa
01/03Inca Roads00:10:47Zappa
01/05Penguin In Bondage00:08:25Zappa
01/06T'Mershi Duween00:02:20Zappa
01/07The Dog Breath Variations00:02:36Zappa
01/08Cosmik Debris00:10:46Zappa
01/09David Bowie Soundcheck00:04:23Zappa

Pachuco Hop

01/02Bacon Fat00:04:06Brown/Williams
01/03Lonely, Lonely Nights00:03:07King/Vincent
01/04Corrido Rock00:03:55Balcom/Egnoian
01/05Pachuco Hop00:02:59Haven/Higgins
01/06Behind The Sun00:07:56Reynolds/Reynolds
01/07The String Quartet00:31:34Ives
01/09Oh, In The Sky00:02:21Zappa
01/10All Night Long00:03:56Woody

Paralipomeni Della Batracomiomachia

01/01The Sanzini Brothers00:00:01Zappa
01/02Penis Dimension00:11:18Zappa
01/03The Air00:03:54Zappa
01/04Dog Breath / Mother People00:04:23Zappa
01/05You Didn't Try To Call Me00:03:34Zappa
01/06King Kong00:32:27Zappa
01/07Who Are The Brain Police?00:06:31Zappa

Pigs And Repugnance

01/01Big Leg Emma00:02:15Zappa
01/02King Kong00:17:55Zappa
01/03America Drinks & Goes Home00:02:00Zappa
01/04Hungry Freaks, Daddy00:03:37Zappa
01/05King Kong Variations00:15:30Zappa
01/06Status Back Baby00:00:48Zappa
01/07King Kong00:14:06Zappa

Punky's Whips On Stage>

01/02I Have Been In You00:02:55Zappa
01/04Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:04:25Zappa
01/05Wild Love (Part 1)00:02:55Zappa
01/06Wild Love (Part 2)00:03:21Zappa
01/07Wild Love (Part 3)00:09:10Zappa
01/08Punky's Whips00:11:00Zappa
02/02The Black Page #200:02:48Zappa
02/03Jones Crusher00:02:48Zappa
02/04Disco Boy00:05:45Zappa
02/05Dinah-Moe Humm00:06:56Zappa
02/06Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:15Zappa
02/08Camarillo Brillo00:03:26Zappa
02/09Muffin Man00:03:10Zappa
02/10San Ber'dino00:04:19Zappa
02/11Black Napkins00:02:19Zappa
02/12Auld Lang Syne00:02:55Traditional

Puttin' On The Ritz

01/01Treacherous Cretins00:01:19Zappa
01/03Easy Meat00:08:56Zappa
01/04You Are What You Is00:02:33Zappa
01/05Mudd Club00:02:46Zappa
01/06The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:08Zappa
01/07Dumb All Over00:06:43Zappa
01/08Heavenly Bank Account00:02:31Zappa
01/09Suicide Chump00:05:41Zappa
01/10Jumbo Go Away00:03:40Zappa
01/12Drowning Witch00:10:21Zappa
01/13What's New In Baltimore?00:06:09Zappa
01/15Bamboozled By Love00:05:32Zappa
01/16Sinister Footwear00:10:05Zappa
02/01Stevie's Spanking00:06:26Zappa
02/02Cocaine Decisions00:03:38Zappa
02/03Nig Biz00:04:59Zappa
02/05Goblin Girl00:02:24Zappa
02/06The Black Page #200:10:19Zappa
02/07Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:02:21Zappa
02/08Strictly Genteel00:06:09Zappa
02/09Clowns On Velvet00:07:07Zappa
02/10Ride Like The Wind00:05:46Cross
02/11Zoot Allures00:11:13Zappa
02/12This Is My Story00:01:11Forrest/Levy
02/13Whippin' Post00:06:33Allman
02/14Watermelon In Easter Hay00:05:35Zappa

Rare Beefheart Vintage Zappa

01/01Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones Part 100:00:35Van Vliet
01/02Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones Part 200:02:35Van Vliet
01/03Trust Us (Take 9)00:07:20Van Vliet
01/04Gimme Dat Harp Boy00:03:25Van Vliet
01/05Moody Liz (Take 8)00:04:31Van Vliet
01/06How's Your Bird?00:02:10Zappa
01/07World's Greatest Sinner00:02:25Zappa
01/08Every Time I See You00:02:29Collins/Zappa
01/09Dear Jeepers00:02:26Zappa
01/10Letter From Jeepers00:02:20Zappa
01/11Cradle Rock00:02:52Galleges

Saint Mothers In Saint Paul

01/01Tush Tush Tush00:03:30Zappa
01/04Village Of The Sun00:05:13Zappa
01/05Echidna's Arf (Of You) / Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:09:25Zappa
01/06Penguin In Bondage00:08:20Zappa
01/07T'Mershi Duween00:04:06Zappa
01/08The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat00:03:55Zappa
01/09Building A Girl00:02:32Zappa
01/10Dinah-Moe Humm00:07:41Zappa
01/11Camarillo Brillo00:04:21Zappa
02/01The Hook (Incl. Booger Man Jam)00:31:22Zappa
02/02Oh No00:01:34Zappa
02/03Son Of Orange County00:05:02Zappa
02/04Trouble Every Day00:06:02Zappa
02/05Adventures Of The Space Booger / Little Red Book / Marty Had A Little Lamb00:09:36Zappa
02/06Chunga's Revenge00:20:52Zappa
02/07Oh No00:01:32Zappa
02/08Son Of Orange County00:02:58Zappa

Sheik On Stage

01/01Black Napkins00:05:47Zappa
01/02You Are What You Is / Love Of My Life00:06:26Collins/Zappa
01/04Magic Fingers00:02:25Zappa
01/05Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:02:13Zappa
01/06Stick It Out00:03:24Zappa
01/07The Blue Light00:04:19Zappa
01/08Easy Meat00:06:10Zappa
01/09Mudd Club00:03:04Zappa
01/10The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:00Zappa
01/11Bamboozled By Love00:06:18Zappa
01/12Suicide Chump00:06:03Zappa
01/13Jumbo Go Away00:03:56Zappa
01/14If Only She Woulda / Mystery Song #4 / Louie Louie / Mystery Song #300:10:30Zappa
01/15I Don't Wanna Get Drafted00:02:57Zappa
02/01Joe's Garage00:03:00Zappa
02/02Dancin' Fool00:02:42Zappa
02/03Dancin' Fool00:01:09Zappa
02/04Heavy Duty Judy00:04:42Zappa
02/05The Illinois Enema Bandit00:12:01Zappa

Some Time In Fillmore East

01/01Well (Baby Please Don't Go)00:07:07Ward
01/02Improvisation (includes 'King Kong', 'Scumbag')00:09:00Zappa/Volman/Lennon/Ono
01/03Well (Baby Please Don't Go)00:09:03Ward
01/04Improvisation (includes 'King Kong', 'Scumbag')00:15:03Zappa/Volman/Lennon/Ono
01/06Billy The Mountain00:13:56Zappa
02/01Well (Baby Please Don't Go)00:04:58Ward
02/05Well (Baby Please Don't Go)00:04:45Ward
02/06Say Please00:00:57Lennon/Ono
02/09A Small Eternity With Yoko Ono00:06:08Lennon/Ono
02/10Well (Baby Please Don't Go)00:04:28Ward

Son Of Orange County - Radio Broadcast 1974

01/01Tush Tush Tush00:03:22Zappa
01/04Village Of The Sun00:04:49Zappa
01/05Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:03:24Zappa
01/06Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? / Drum Solo00:06:45Zappa
01/07Po-Jama People00:12:36Zappa
01/08I'm Not Satisfied00:02:11Zappa
01/09Penguin In Bondage00:08:45Zappa
01/10T'Mershi Duween00:03:31Zappa
01/11Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:03:49Zappa
01/12Improvisation / Tuning00:04:20Zappa

Stony Brook, State University, Nov 03, 1984

01/01Zoot Allures00:07:33Zappa
01/02Tinsel Town Rebellion00:04:24Zappa
01/03Trouble Every Day00:05:39Zappa
01/04Penguin In Bondage00:04:51Zappa
01/05Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel00:04:53Zappa
01/06Be In My Video00:03:15Zappa
01/07Goblin Girl00:02:19Zappa
01/08The Black Page #200:05:33Zappa
01/09I'm The Slime00:04:42Zappa
01/10Daddy, Daddy, Daddy00:02:21Zappa
02/01Little Girl Of Mine00:02:08Levy/Cox
02/02The Closer You Are00:01:59Lewis/Robinson
02/03Johnny Darling00:00:49Stutton/Stutton
02/04No, No Cherry00:01:25Caesar/Gray
02/05The Evil Prince00:05:15Zappa
02/06Teen-Age Wind00:02:19Zappa
02/07Truck Driver Divorce00:05:45Zappa
02/08Carol, You Fool00:03:44Zappa
02/09Chana In De Bushwop00:04:38Zappa
02/10Let's Move To Cleveland00:16:39Zappa

Stream Flash Conservative

01/01Prelude To Bobby Brown00:02:52Zappa
01/02Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:02Zappa
01/04Mo 'n Herbs's Vacation00:01:18Zappa
01/05I Have Been In You00:07:54Zappa
01/06Little House I Used To Live In00:08:49Zappa
01/07Tell Me You Love Me00:02:41Zappa
01/08Yo' Mama00:09:03Zappa
01/09Heavy Duty Judy00:04:05Zappa
01/11City Of Tiny Lites00:08:26Zappa
01/12You Are What You Is00:03:55Zappa
01/13Mudd Club00:02:55Zappa

Sweet Georgia

01/01Instruments Check00:04:37Belew/Bozzio/Mann/Mars/O'Hearn/Wolf/Zappa
01/02Revenge Of The Knick Knack People00:02:22Zappa
01/04Peaches En Regalia00:02:49Zappa
01/05The Torture Never Stops00:13:07Zappa
01/06Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:33Zappa
01/07City Of Tiny Lites00:09:33Zappa
01/08A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:12:37Zappa
01/10Big Leg Emma00:02:13Zappa
02/01Instrumental In Memory Of Jimi Hendrix00:06:18Zappa
02/03Drum Solo00:04:07Zappa
02/04Disco Boy00:03:54Zappa
02/05I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth00:03:58Zappa
02/06Wild Love00:11:51Zappa
02/07Titties 'n' Beer00:05:31Zappa
02/08The Black Page #200:02:51Zappa
02/09Jones Crusher00:02:49Zappa
02/10Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:04:02Zappa
02/11Punky's Whips00:09:52Zappa
02/12Dinah-Moe Humm00:05:59Zappa
02/13Camarillo Brillo00:03:46Zappa
02/14Muffin Man00:06:39Zappa

Swiss Cheese In Basel

01/01Tush Tush Tush00:02:03Zappa
01/03Inca Roads00:12:19Zappa
01/04Cosmik Debris00:12:15Zappa
01/06Florentine Pogen00:10:01Zappa
01/07Penguin In Bondage00:08:11Zappa
01/08T'Mershi Duween00:03:50Zappa
02/01The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat / Building A Girl00:07:32Zappa
02/02Camarillo Brillo00:06:06Zappa
02/03Oh No / Son Of Orange County00:06:51Zappa
02/04Trouble Every Day00:06:22Zappa
02/05Tush Tush Tush00:02:38Zappa
02/08Village Of The Sun00:04:19Zappa
02/09Echidna's Arf (Of You) / Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:12:11Zappa
03/01Dupree's Paradise / Tush Tush Tush00:33:41Zappa
03/02Pygmy Twylyte00:10:12Zappa
03/03Room Service / Tush Tush Tush00:06:06Zappa

The Eyes Of Osaka

01/03Dirty Love00:03:04Zappa
01/04Filthy Habits00:10:21Zappa
01/05How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:03:34Zappa
01/06I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:36Zappa
01/07I'm Not Satisfied00:01:53Zappa
01/08Black Napkins00:10:49Zappa
01/09AdVance Romance00:11:40Zappa
02/01Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:03:35Zappa
02/02The Illinois Enema Bandit00:08:57Zappa
02/03Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station00:02:44Zappa
02/04Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:04:06Zappa
02/05The Torture Never Stops00:08:00Zappa
02/06Chunga's Revenge / Drum Solo00:15:39Zappa
02/07Zoot Allures00:06:57Zappa
02/08Ship Ahoy00:06:52Zappa
02/09I'm The Slime00:03:25Zappa
02/10San Ber'dino00:06:25Zappa

The Farewell Concerts

01/01Morning Soundcheck00:16:00Zappa
01/02One Of A Kind00:14:28Zappa
01/03Glare Gypsies00:13:40Zappa
01/05Spicková Kultura00:06:58Zappa
01/06Improvizace V A Dur S Frank Zappa00:05:28Zappa
01/08Blaznivy Reggae00:05:20Zappa
01/09Prazskej Buran00:06:29Zappa
01/11Proc Jen Ja00:08:09Zappa

The Godfather In Full Metal Jacket

01/01What's New In Baltimore?00:04:05Zappa
01/02Keep It Greasey00:03:18Zappa
01/03Teenage Wind00:02:30Zappa
01/04Truck Driver Divorce00:06:15Zappa
01/05We're Turning Again00:04:41Zappa
01/06Alien Orifice00:04:06Zappa
01/07Zoot Allures00:06:35Zappa
01/08I Ain't Got No Heart00:01:53Zappa
01/09Love Of My Life00:02:22Collins/Zappa
01/10Advance Romance / Tinsel Town Rebellion00:10:46Zappa
01/11The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:14Zappa
01/12City Of Tiny Lites00:09:25Zappa

The Greatest Flops!!!

01/01Prelude To Bobby Brown00:02:53Zappa
01/02You Are What You Is00:03:24Zappa
01/03Easy Meat00:03:19Zappa
01/04Joe's Garage00:02:22Zappa
01/05Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:13Zappa
01/06Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:23Zappa
01/07Ms. Pinky00:04:26Zappa
01/10Titties 'n' Beer00:05:31Zappa
01/11He's So Gay00:02:26Zappa
01/12Dumb All Over00:05:34Zappa
01/13Stick It Out00:01:12Zappa
01/14I Have Been In You00:07:59Zappa
01/15I Don't Wanna Get Drafted00:02:35Zappa
01/16The Illinois Enema Bandit00:03:51Zappa
01/17Dancin' Fool00:03:09Zappa
01/18Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:57Zappa

The Mothers Down Under

01/01Combined Introduction / Soundcheck00:08:17Zappa
01/02Dupree's Paradise00:23:47Zappa
01/03Exercise #4 / The Dog Breath Variations00:04:31Zappa
01/04Uncle Meat00:02:08Zappa
01/07Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:03:23Zappa
01/08Nanook Rubs It00:01:30Zappa
01/09St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast00:01:54Zappa
01/10Farther O'Blivion00:00:10Zappa
01/11St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast00:00:48Zappa
01/13Farther O'Blivion00:03:15Zappa
01/14Son Of Mr. Grene Genes00:02:18Zappa
01/15King Kong00:05:06Zappa
01/16Chunga's Revenge00:04:01Zappa
01/17Son Of Mr. Green Genes00:02:16Zappa
02/01Farther O'Blivion00:21:00Zappa
02/03Dupree's Paradise00:21:16Zappa
02/04The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat00:07:46Zappa
02/06Cosmik Debris00:03:52Zappa
02/07Inca Roads00:11:11Zappa

The Sheik's Rehearsels

01/01Dancin' Fool00:03:34Zappa
01/02Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:08Zappa
01/03Keep It Greasey00:03:35Zappa
01/04Village Of The Sun00:06:54Zappa
01/05The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:04:08Zappa
01/06City Of Tiny Lites00:06:00Zappa
01/07Baby Snakes00:01:45Zappa
01/09Packard Goose00:07:26Zappa
01/10A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:05:18Zappa
01/11Watermelon In Easter Hay00:04:58Zappa
01/12Dinah-Moe Humm00:05:52Zappa
01/13Black Napkins00:06:43Zappa
01/14I Have Been In You00:03:41Zappa
02/01Magic Fingers00:02:31Zappa
02/02Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:13:59Zappa
02/03Bamboozled By Love00:05:59Zappa
02/04Sy Borg00:04:23Zappa
02/05Little House I Used To Live In00:04:43Zappa
02/06Tell Me You Love Me00:02:43Zappa
02/08City Of Tiny Lites00:12:13Zappa
02/09Fuck Yourself00:08:27Vai
02/10I Don't Wanna Get Drafted00:03:43Zappa)

The Time To Sing And Dance And Love

01/01Naval Aviation In Art (Through PA)00:01:20Zappa
01/03Dirty Love00:03:50Zappa
01/04How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:04:34Zappa
01/05I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:30Zappa
01/06I'm Not Satisfied00:02:01Zappa
01/07Black Napkins00:07:35Zappa
01/08AdVance Romance00:11:14Zappa
01/09Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:06:01Zappa
01/10The Illinois Enema Bandit00:10:07Zappa
01/11Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:07:52Zappa
02/01Lonely Little Girl00:02:49Zappa
02/02Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance00:02:13Zappa
02/03What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?00:01:06Zappa
02/04Chunga's Revenge00:16:15Zappa
02/05Drum Solo00:03:09Zappa
02/06Zoot Allures00:07:25Zappa
02/07Swallow My Pride00:05:56Zappa
02/08Any Downers?00:07:59Zappa
02/09Camarillo Brillo00:03:58Zappa
02/10Muffin Man00:04:38Zappa
02/11San Ber'dino00:07:01Zappa
02/12I'm The Slime00:04:45Zappa
02/13Apostrophe (')00:04:55Bruce/Gordon/Zappa
02/14Duke Of Prunes Vamp00:01:37Zappa

Time Sandwich

01/01I'm Not Satified00:13:12Zappa
01/02Have Gun Will Travel / Call Any Vegetable00:11:46Herrmann/Zappa
01/03Guitar Event00:04:46Zappa
01/04Bebop & Tango Dance Contest / Tango Variations00:13:01Zappa
01/05Penguin In Bondage / Dog Breath Variations00:11:24Zappa
01/06Pygmy Twylyte / Dupree's Paradise00:18:40Zappa

Trick Or Treat

01/01Uncle Meat / Son Of A Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask / Oh, In The Sky00:08:21Zappa
01/02The Big Medley - Let's Make The Water Turn Black / Harry, You're A Beast / Oh No / The Orange County Lumber Truck / King Kong00:17:03Zappa
01/03Bacon Fat00:05:16Brown/Williams
01/04The String Quartet, Part One00:13:36Zappa
01/05The Wild Man Fischer Story00:03:31Fischer
01/06I'm The Meany00:01:49Fischer
01/07The String Quartet00:09:48Zappa
01/08Extremely Slow Instrumental00:05:40Zappa

Two Cosmik Nights @ San Carlos

01/01Your 6 Closets Relatives The Mothers And Introduction00:03:00Zappa
01/02Cosmik Debris00:07:35Zappa
01/04Pygmy Twylyte00:05:35Zappa
01/05The Idiot Bastard Son00:02:26Zappa
01/10Dupree's Paradise00:24:38Zappa
01/11Crowd Noise & Preamble00:01:29Zappa
01/12Penguin In Bondage00:06:54Zappa
02/01T'Mershi Duween00:01:56Zappa
02/02The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat00:03:58Zappa
02/03Crowd Noise00:00:38Zappa
02/05Village Of The Sun00:05:06Zappa
02/06Crowd Noise00:00:53Zappa
02/07Trouble Every Day00:09:20Zappa
02/10Cosmik Debris00:10:24Zappa
02/12Inca Roads00:10:30Zappa
02/13Crowd Noise00:01:16Zappa
03/02Tuning Preamble00:01:08Zappa
03/03Special Amplfier00:03:25Zappa
03/06Dupree's Paradise00:06:43Zappa
03/07Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:01:23Zappa
03/08Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:06:56Zappa
03/09The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat00:05:16Zappa
03/10Crowd Noise00:01:38Zappa

Two Faces Of Zappa

01/01Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:07:15Zappa
01/02Penguin In Bondage00:09:19Zappa
01/03T'Mershi Duween00:02:00Zappa
01/04Dog Breath / Uncle Meat00:02:01Zappa
01/05Building A Girl00:08:48Zappa
01/06Dinah Moe Humm00:08:17Zappa
01/07Camarillo Brillo00:04:09Zappa
01/10Soul Polka00:03:17Zappa
01/11For Giuseppe Franco00:03:47Zappa
01/12After Dinner Smoker00:04:43Zappa
01/13Light Is All That Matters00:02:23Zappa
01/14Finding Higgs Boson00:05:05Zappa
01/15Bavarian Sunset00:03:27Zappa

Uncle Penguin's Brain

01/01Suicide Chump00:09:06Zappa
01/02The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:38Zappa
01/03City Of Tiny Lites00:08:30Zappa
01/04A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:11:52Zappa
01/05Improvisation / Tommy Mars Solo00:03:05Zappa
01/07Pygmy Twylyte / Dummy Up00:10:19Zappa
01/08Dupree's Paradise00:10:14Zappa
01/09The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat00:04:27Zappa
01/10Penguin In Bondage00:05:24Zappa
01/11Nanook Rubs It00:07:16Zappa
01/12St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast00:04:55Zappa

Vancouver Workout - UBC Gym, Vancouver, BC, 1st October 1975

01/01Intro / Blues Jam00:07:43Zappa
01/02Apostrophe (')00:05:40Zappa/Bruce/Gordon
01/03The Duke Of Prunes00:05:28Zappa
01/04Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:24Zappa
01/05The Illinois Enema Bandit00:08:11Zappa
01/06Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:06:36Zappa
01/07Lonely Little Girl00:02:55Zappa
01/08Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance00:02:13Zappa
01/09What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?00:01:03Zappa
01/10Chunga's Revenge00:17:26Zappa
02/01Swallow My Pride00:06:06Zappa
02/02Any Downers?00:12:12Zappa
02/03Canadian Customs Routine00:06:20Zappa
02/04T'Mershi Duween00:02:26Zappa
02/05Zoot Allures00:07:17Zappa
02/06Sleep Dirt00:07:29Zappa
02/07Black Napkins00:09:01Zappa
02/08Advance Romance00:03:04Zappa
02/09I'm The Slime00:05:56Zappa

Viva Zappa

01/01Zoot Allures00:07:20Zappa
01/02I'm The Slime00:03:53Zappa
01/03Cocaine Decisions00:02:51Zappa
01/04Nig Biz00:06:11Zappa
01/05Outside Now00:05:46Zappa
01/06Trouble Every Day00:05:07Zappa
01/07Penguin In Bondage00:04:55Zappa
01/08Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel00:04:48Zappa
01/09Advance Romance00:06:02Zappa
01/10He's So Gay00:02:35Zappa
01/11Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:38Zappa
01/12Keep It Greasey00:03:32Zappa
02/01Alien Orifice00:03:40Zappa
02/02Bamboozled By Love00:05:19Zappa
02/04Let's Move To Cleveland00:15:04Zappa
02/05Joe's Garage00:02:18Zappa
02/06Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:03:17Zappa
02/07The Closer You Are / Johnny Darling00:02:54Lewis/Robinson/Stutton/Stutton
02/08No, No Cherry00:01:25Caesar/Gray
02/09The Illinois Enema Bandit00:07:14Zappa

Wanna Buy Some Acid?

01/02Dancin' Fool00:03:47Zappa
01/03Peaches En Regalia00:02:38Zappa
01/04The Torture Never Stops00:14:04Zappa
01/05Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:03:42Zappa
01/06City Of Tiny Lites00:08:00Zappa
01/07Baby Snakes00:01:57Zappa
01/08A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:10:20Zappa
01/09I Have Been In You00:11:18Zappa
01/11Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:04:14Zappa
02/01King Kong00:10:54Zappa
02/02White Person00:02:42Zappa
02/03Wild Love00:07:10Zappa
02/04Yo' Mama00:01:10Zappa
02/05San Ber'dino00:06:01Zappa
02/06Watermelon In Easter Hay00:04:48Zappa
02/07Dinah-Moe Humm00:05:45Zappa
02/08Black Napkins00:06:26Zappa
02/09Ship Ahoy00:04:33Zappa
02/10Guitar Improvisation00:08:01Zappa
02/11Zoot Allures00:06:45Zappa
02/12Orchestra Improvisation00:06:31Zappa

Waterbury, CT, 29.10.75

01/02Dirty Love00:03:44Zappa
01/03How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:04:40Zappa
01/04I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:28Zappa
01/05I'm Not Satisfied00:02:02Zappa
01/06Black Napkins00:07:44Zappa
01/07AdVance Romance00:10:09Zappa
01/08Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:03:20Zappa
01/09The Illinois Enema Bandit00:16:59Zappa
01/10Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:13:43Zappa

What's Why

01/01Bobby Brown Goes Down00:02:48Zappa
01/02Joe's Garage00:02:20Zappa
01/03Chunga's Revenge00:03:43Zappa
01/04Jesus Think's You Are A Jerk00:08:43Buxton
01/05Mr. Green Genes00:04:13Zappa
01/06You Are What You Is00:03:22Zappa
01/07Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?00:02:12Zappa
01/08Easy Meat00:08:23Zappa
01/09Miss Pinky00:04:20Zappa
01/10Florentine Pogen00:07:35Zappa

Welcome To The Mudd Club

01/01Chunga's Revenge00:04:37Zappa
01/02Mudd Club00:03:00Zappa
01/03The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:00Zappa
01/04Joe's Garage00:02:44Zappa
01/05Cosmik Debris00:03:07Zappa
01/06Keep It Greasey00:01:46Zappa
01/07Pick Me, I'm Clean00:04:49Zappa
01/09The Illinois Enema Bandit00:08:41Zappa
01/09You Didn't Try To Call Me00:03:13Zappa
01/10I Ain't Got No Heart00:01:57Zappa
01/11Love Of My Life00:01:50Collins/Zappa
01/12City Of Tiny Lites00:08:55Zappa
01/13Dumb All Over00:05:35Zappa
01/14Stick It Out00:01:19Zappa
01/15Clownz On Velvet00:01:22Zappa
01/16Frogs With Dirty Little Lips00:03:29Zappa/Zappa

Wollman Rink, Central Park, NY, August, 3rd 1968

01/01Jazz Rock Improvisation00:04:24Zappa
01/02Help I'm A Rock00:12:34Zappa
01/03Baby Love00:00:56Dozier/Holland/Holland
01/04Big Leg Emma00:03:37Zappa
01/05Holiday In Berlin00:10:12Zappa
01/06Trouble Every Day00:11:34Zappa
01/07Orange County Lumber Truck00:17:17Zappa

You Are Phoenix What You Is

01/02Teenage Wind00:03:13Zappa
01/03Harder Than Your Husband00:02:43Zappa
01/04Bamboozled By Love00:05:57Zappa
01/05Pick Me, I'm Clean00:07:38Zappa
01/06Society Pages00:02:29Zappa
01/07I'm A Beautiful Guy00:02:00Zappa
01/08Beauty Knows No Pain00:02:17Zappa
01/09Charlie's Enormous Mouth00:04:53Zappa
01/10Any Downers?00:04:48Zappa
01/12Easy Meat00:08:16Zappa
01/13Mudd Club00:03:14Zappa
01/14The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:12Zappa
01/15Heavenly Bank Account00:04:18Zappa
01/16Suicide Chump00:03:40Zappa
01/17Jumbo Go Away00:04:07Zappa
01/18If Only She Woulda00:04:24Zappa

You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 11

01/01Cosmik Debris00:06:43Zappa
01/02Inca Roads00:09:58Zappa
01/03Pygmy Twylyte00:04:52Zappa
01/04The Idiot Bastard Son00:02:10Zappa
01/06Big Swifty00:09:03Zappa
01/07Dickie's Such An Asshole00:09:51Zappa
01/08Farther O'Blivion00:15:30Zappa
01/09Son Of Mr. Green Genes / King Kong / Chunga's Revenge00:15:46Zappa

You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 12

01/01Tush Tush Tush00:04:52Zappa
01/04Village Of The Sun00:04:48Zappa
01/05Echidna's Arf (Of You)00:03:21Zappa
01/06Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?00:06:50Zappa
01/07Penguin In Bondage00:09:41Zappa
01/08T'Mershi Duween00:03:28Zappa
01/09The Dog Breath Variations00:00:43Zappa
01/10Uncle Meat00:02:20Zappa
01/11Building A Girl00:02:46Zappa
01/12Don't Eat The Yellow Snow00:02:51Zappa
01/13Nanook Rubs It00:05:06Zappa
01/14St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast00:02:08Zappa
01/15Farther O'Blivion00:03:06Zappa
01/16Tush Tush Tush00:01:09Zappa

Zappa In New York '81

01/01Treacherous Cretins00:01:09Zappa
01/03Easy Meat00:08:54Zappa
01/04You Are What You Is00:02:33Zappa
01/05Mudd Club00:02:45Zappa
01/06The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:06Zappa
01/07Dumb All Over00:06:42Zappa
01/08Heavenly Bank Account00:02:16Zappa
01/09Suicide Chump00:05:51Zappa
01/10Jumbo Go Away00:03:39Zappa
01/12Drowning Witch00:10:11Zappa
01/13What's New In Baltimore?00:06:13Zappa
01/15Bamboozled By Love00:05:38Zappa
01/16Sinister Footwear 2nd Movement00:10:03Zappa
02/01Stevie's Spanking00:06:29Zappa
02/02Cocaine Decisions00:03:30Zappa
02/03Nig Biz00:05:02Zappa
02/05Goblin Girl00:02:24Zappa
02/06The Black Page #200:10:11Zappa
02/07Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:02:21Zappa
02/08Strictly Genteel00:04:12Zappa
02/09Clownz On Velvet00:08:03Zappa
02/10Ride Like The Wind00:06:38Cross
02/11Zoot Allures00:10:14Zappa
02/12This Is My Story00:02:00Forrest/Levy
02/13Whippin' Post00:06:29Allman
02/14Watermelon In Easter Hay00:05:50Zappa

Zappa In Poughkeepsie

01/01The Deathless Horsie00:08:57Zappa
01/02Dancin' Fool00:03:33Zappa
01/03Easy Meat00:04:59Zappa
01/04Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:16Zappa
01/05Keep It Greasey00:03:37Zappa
01/06Village Of The Sun00:06:10Zappa
01/07The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing00:03:27Zappa
01/08City Of Tiny Lites00:08:58Zappa
01/09A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)00:04:16Zappa
01/10Prelude To Bobby Brown00:02:52Zappa
01/11Bobby Brown Goes Down00:03:03Zappa
01/13Mo 'n Herb's Vacation / The Black Page #200:06:59Zappa
01/14I Have Been In You00:07:48Zappa

Zoott Allurely!

01/02Apostrophe (')00:05:35Zappa/Bruce/Gordon
01/03Duke Of Prunes00:05:28Zappa
01/04Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?00:04:24Zappa
01/05The Illinois Enema Bandit00:08:11Zappa
01/06Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy00:06:36Zappa
01/07Lonely Little Girl00:02:55Zappa
01/08Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance00:02:13Zappa
02/01What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?00:01:04Zappa
02/02Chunga's Revenge00:19:25Zappa
02/03Swallow My Pride00:04:37Zappa
02/04Any Downers?00:12:12Zappa
02/05Canadian Customs Routine00:06:20Zappa
02/06T'Mershi Duween00:02:26Zappa
02/07Zoot Allures00:03:48Zappa
03/03The Poodle Lecture00:03:31Zappa
03/04Dirty Love00:03:29Zappa
03/05Filthy Habits00:05:36Zappa
03/06How Could I Be Such A Fool?00:03:46Zappa
03/07I Ain't Got No Heart00:02:25Zappa
03/08I'm Not Satisfied00:01:52Zappa
03/09Black Napkins00:00:15Zappa
03/10The Illinois Enama Bandit00:09:37Zappa
04/01Wind Up Working In A Gas Station00:03:45Zappa
04/02Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:04:08Zappa
04/03The Torture Never Stops00:06:39Zappa
04/04Let's Move To Cleveland00:03:02Zappa
04/05Kaiser Rolls00:03:09Zappa
04/06Find Her Finer00:03:41Zappa
04/07Chunga's Revenge00:13:33Zappa
04/08Zoot Allures00:06:44Zappa

Zoot Allures Live In Paris

01/01The Illinois Enema Bandit00:04:00Zappa
01/02My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama00:04:22Zappa
01/03Tryin' To Grow A Chin00:04:16Zappa
01/04Broken Hearts Are For Assholes00:05:20Zappa
01/05Dong Work For Yuda00:02:36Zappa/Smothers
01/06Titties 'n' Beer00:08:50Zappa
01/07Black Napkins00:15:43Zappa

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